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Missing the Backpage Less and Less

At the beginning of the year, I was right out plucked with the omission of my favorite part of the Misc: the Backpage. It was always funny. Always insightful. And it was always the first part of the paper that I read. I thought the Misc would never be the same without it. But I was wrong. And I'm so happy that the Humor & Satire section of the paper is doing so well. I really enjoy it!

Take the issue that came out today. The piece on "hidden gem" classes was very good. And I like that someone is still making the calender (especially with the Lady Gaga jokes today). I don't always get the cartoon...sometimes it's a little too New Yorker for me..but I understood today's! And the piece by the kid with the light-up shoes is a nice ongoing drama. Those writers have really stepped up to fill in the void left by the Backpage. So to the Misc: Nice job!

Also, I LOVE the crossword puzzle. I'm usually really horrible at them. I like that someone is writing puzzles that an average college student can get. I'm too dumb for any puzzles in most newspapers. And I'm not saying that the Misc's puzzle is too dumb-downed or anything. I truly appreciate a puzzle with clues and references that I get like 90s cartoons, Monty Python, and song titles.

In summary: The Misc has pleasantly surprised me despite my horror at the beginning of this semester with the death of the Backpage. I barely even miss it anymore :)

God Bless Chili Day

Has the Retreat chili gotten better? Or has it just been that long since I've had it? Either way, my dinner tonight was DELICIOUS! First, I was so impressed at how my entire plate was filled with long grain rice and a huge serving of vegetarian chili on top (I'm not a fan of beef). In the chili, were all types of veggies from onions, carrots, peppers, squash, beans, and so much more. Seriously, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. I sprinkled some cheese on it from the salad bar and it was complete and perfect. I always thought my Dad makes a good chili. I might have to give him a few pointers from tonight's meal...

I don't usually think too much about the food here on campus. In fact, I try not to think of it at all. But tonight was exceptional! Kudos to the Retreat chefs!

I will add though, kind of miss it being served in a bread bowl. Any chance of getting that back? I mean who doesn't love being able to eat the dish their food was served in? I do!


The PoTown PoPo?

So what's a good general reaction for the newest addition to what we have to look out for on the weekends: the Poughkeepsie Police. I've always had the philosophy that if you're doing nothing wrong, you have nothing be to afraid of. But, as the semester gets more and more stressful and I make more and more bad decisions, I might have something to be afraid of. I became a little uneasy this weekend when I saw a cop car cruising near Main. I've gotten over being nervous about security but this was a whole new feeling of "oh shit."

I know it's been said that the police are not here to bust us for underage drinking and what not. They're here to keep us safe and keep all the booty-grabbers off campus. But I have to imagine that they have a responsibility to react if they see someone breaking the law. Will they do something if they see blatant underage drinking or someone supplying alcohol to minors? What will they do if they start to smell pot over by Sunset Lake? In the real world, we'd be arrested. Vassar has a nice bubble that keeps us from getting into too much trouble. But now the real world has entered Vassar and what's going to happen?

I guess my biggest question is how will the responsibilities be shared between the police and security? Are students going to have any interaction with the police at all? We should always be responsible for our actions. And despite our frustration on a Thursday night when we have a test in the morning and there are loud drunks outside of our window, no one wants to see a fellow Vassar student get arrested. Maybe we should all act a little smarter when we're outside as to not draw attention. Well, we're supposed to be doing that anyway to avoid security. But maybe be should think about doing it more now that the consequences of our behavior could be a lot harsher.

Current Obsessions

This is a bit old, but a rapper known as No Fixed Abode or Nfa and the late Heath Ledger were childhood friends. And Heath directed this music video for the song "Cause and Effect" soon before he died. It was released at the end of October and I can't stop watching it, I think the visual effects are amazing:

On another note, Lady Gaga. I. Cannot. Get. Bad Romance. Out of my head. So here's the video. Love the costumes. And her huge eyes in the bathtub. And the choreography. And her in general.

And there's what I'm watching instead of doing homework...


What a Kid...

Wow, I wish I was this brave when I was 10 years old...

How awesome! If I were his Dad, I would be so proud. And Will is right, there isn't "liberty and justice" for all. I wish more kids, and adults even, would take a stand like this for what they believe in.

Another Reason Why I Love Vassar

Halloween at Vassar is so wonderful. 

It's creative.  And it's fun.  I don't know about you guys, but it seems that Halloween at a lot of other schools are all about, oh how did Mean Girls put it?  Oh yes, "Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it".  Underwear, corsets, and animal ears.  Right.  But I feel like for the most part, Vassar isn't like that.  People put a lot of effort and creativity into their outfits!  Just this year, there was a Golden Snitch, Fredian Slips, Rock Paper Scissors, an Ink Blot Test, so many Clue groups, and Kiwi birds.  In past years, I remember Carboard Box Transformers, Mutant Ninja Turtles, Awkward Turtles, Tickle-Me-Elmo, Gay Dumbledores, and the list goes on and on.  Halloween at Vassar makes me proud of my school.  So Kudos!

And yeah, I know this is a bit late, but I was just telling an old high school friend of mine why I chose Vassar and why I love it.  And my Halloween memories all resurfaced and it made me happy :)

Implications of Two Lost Dogs

My heart broke in two when I read that email from Dean Roellke the other day. I can't imagine losing two, or even one, of my pets. I am a huge animal lover and I can't imagine how scared I would be if one of my pets from home ran away. Where are they? What's happened to them? Has someone else taken them? Oh my gosh. How awful.

I think everyone on campus (well, I hope) wants to see the return of Roellke's smaller dog. But from conversation with my friends, some people are questioning the use of the campus-wide email for a personal affair. I, personally, don't mind. After that email came out, I kept an eye out for any stranded-looking dogs. But should the power to reach the entire campus really be used for looking for two dogs? Is it really appropriate? I think it was basically an electronic version of a poster stapled to a lamp post. Its function became much more popularized and got out to a lot more people. Is this right? I'm conflicted. I think for the circumstances of two lost dogs, it's reasonable. But it could be viewed as taking advantage of some power.

My biggest question is this: if I, say, lost my rabbit, could I get a campus-wide email sent out? Are we going to make a hierarchy of pet-worth? Is this type of email unprecedented because not many students have cats or dogs that get lost? Also, in the most technical and literal terms, a computer is worth more than a pet. Yet I doubt administration would let us use a mass-email to tell everyone that we lost our computer. Or a camera..or car keys..or anything else really valuable. But maybe the Dean's email will change things. Maybe the Vassar community will realize the worth of sending campus-wide emails for urgent means. As long as our inboxes don't get too flooded...hmm. Either way, I hope Dean Roellke finds Gullaby!!


Students v. The Mug

In the real world, in a real bar, if you broke a bar tab, you would be thrown out. Literally. Thrown. Out. By a huge guy ten times your size with sunglasses and an attitude that would put Mr. T to shame. There's no excuse for that kind of behavior in a public area. It's stealing, it's rude, and it's selfish. Whoever did that in the mug last weekend should have had to deal with security and been on the mug's most wanted list for the rest of the semester. But was it just cause for closing the entire mug? After all the money and work that went into 2011's mug night? I don't think so...

I understand that the mug reserves the right to close blah blah blah. But respect goes both ways. One student disrespected the bartender. So they should be kicked out. And maybe the bar can be closed for the rest of the night. And maybe charge 2011 for the clean up of all the spilled beer. But ruin the entire evening (and still probably charge 2011 for the clean up)? There were DJs who prepared for the night. This was a big event for the junior class. And we need events like this...those of us who are left need to unite!! I don't want to say the bartender wasn't respectful of the mug-goers, but he did overreact a bit in my opinion. In the future, if this happens again, I hope administration or whoever is in charge of the mug will consider the organization that goes into a mug night and won't just scrap it. And I don't blame Betty in any of this. We all know that she was just waiting to get her Betty-Boogie on...