Frozen Banana Salesman

This weekend was a bit bizarre. I feel like my brain is all fuzzy, and it’s been like that for a while now. It’s annoying. I want my mind back please and thank you. But it seems determined to elude me. So instead of working, I am watching Arrested Development, my latest in a long line of television addictions. I also took an amazing nap today. Naps can really make everything better. Except when you wake up and realize how much you still have to do. And with all that work, I somehow manage to worry about the complete wrong things. Instead of working on my homework due tomorrow, I’m concerned about my summer job, the classes I want to take next semester, and the health of my cat. Productive, right? But that’s what happens when I’m stressed; I avoid the cause. Which is a really terrible way to cope. But hey, procrastination is what I do best. Back to the banana stand…. (Arrested Development fans know what I mean. I think).


NM stands for...

Not Much

No! Mine!

Nebulous Memory

Nice Man

Naughty Message

Now Mellow

And other things. But for the most part I'm just going to say the first one:

Not Much.

But today was great anyway. I have a part in a show I'm in, a dance class was enjoyable and relaxing, it is beautifully foggy today.

I'm off to the dc in a bit... (I've gotta say, I really like the dc...)

I hope everyone has a fabulous week--and yes, busy, stressful, and crazy can count as fabulous.


Spring is here...

Baseball is back. And it's time for the Mets to redeem themselves. Seriously. Santana is definitely the start to the turn around for the team. I mean, the bottom of their lineup is a little shaky, but their pitching is stronger and Jose Reyes and David Wright are so good looking. Santana, Pedro, Maine, Perez and Pelfrey is the pitching rotation. The first three are gonna have amazing years and it's definitely going to be the pick up for the season. And they play where I played positions in softball (besides pitching). So all in all, I think this is definitely gonna be a baller year for the last year at Shea. I can't wait to get home and go to games with my dad and paint myself blue and orange.


Blast From the Past

In lieu of a "typical" post, today I'd like to present you with a poem (specifically a villanelle) that I wrote in my English class last year:


Rivers flowing onward, ever more.
With the ticking of time, except when
The battery dies; misery galore.

Constant rhythm till the heart gets sore,
Thump-thump, Thump-thump, and over again;
Rivers flowing onward, ever more.

A gasp is heard; the room is crowded o’er
As moans spirit away beloved Aunt Gwen,
Her battery dies; misery galore.

A cry is heard; the room is crowded o’er
As elation greets the precious Gwen,
Rivers flowing onward, ever more.

Tiny Gwen opens the life-door
With the tumble of an aged oak, then
A battery dies; misery galore.

And so, dark, grim, figure, your quest for
Red is for naught; green comes with an Amen
Rivers flowing onward, ever more,
Though a battery dies; misery galore.


What We're Watching

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Potter Puppet Pals in “Wizard Swears”

Pachelbel Rant

Crazy Indian Video... Buffalaxed!


Weird Japanese Video

Whitest Kids U’ Know: Abe Lincoln



Dyamond Phillips
G.I. Joe PSA – Body Massage




Soulja Boy

Bret, You’ve Got It Going On

The Original Human Tetris

Jason Mraz in France


You’re Psycho!!!!


Beef & Stu in “Mustard Water”

white chocolate

The Perfect Weekend

Seriously. I can't think of anything better.

FLAWLESS. Katarina. Pointe solo. What else can I say?

CampFly on Saturday morning... Okay, so nobody can agree with me about how great this was, because NO ONE CAME. CampFly is this fundraiser that FlyPeople does annually (okay, we did it last year and this year, and both were colossal failures so I'm thinking "annually" is probably no longer accurate), and we teach dance classes for a small fee. Yeah, we ended up with six people. Money raised at the end of the day: -$40. Guess our final show this semester is going to be performed in the nude, because costume companies don't generally accept sexual favors as payment...

Then Saturday night, my friends and I decided to have a childhood games fiesta... though we did alter the rules a little to make the games a little more “grown-up” fun. Use your imagination, but let me tell you, Catchphrase has never been as fun. And neither has Truth or Dare Jenga. (Okay, sorry, we’re 13 years old still; I have no desire to grow up.)

Today, five hours of FlyPeople rehearsal, PLEASE COME TO THE FINAL SHOW APRIL 24TH AND 25TH. I may or may not have finished choreographing my piece by then, but I promise everyone else's pieces are fantastic!

And then Sunday night, we had to learn a song for which sheet music has never been written... but thanks to our resident pianist's GENIUS, we only needed two hours to learn a song - complete with harmonies - with the help of a keyboard and an iPod. If you want to hear it, come to the FWA Cabaret this Thursday at 7:30!!!

xx and notice that nowhere did I mention doing REAL work


All Because Seagull Hair Got Lost

Saturday was a quiet night on the 4th floor of Jewett. Partyers’ were elsewhere and I was left tangled over an armchair waiting for a bowl of ‘EasyMac’ to solidify. Then the hallway door flew open and a stocky EMS guy with seagull blond hair ran past. I sat up. He stopped in front of a door at the end of the hall, knocked and barked “EMS, EMS”. I took out my cell phone to tap a text message and make it look like I wasn’t watching him.

Nobody opened the door. The EMS guy knocked again, and spit into his walkie-talkie “Can I get a conformation on that room number?” A rice-krispie voice said back “Josselyn, Rm#__, on the left side of the building.” Oops.

I waited for him to jog/flop (remember the seagull hair?) back down the hallway. But, he knocked again, this time opening the door. I assume no one was in the room because he stood there, halfway inside, while he consulted with the snap-krackle-pop voice again. All I heard was “10-4!” and then he was tumbling away from me repeating “Josselyn, Josselyn”. I debated calling out directions.

At any rate while this 5-minute long fiasco was amusing it also makes me wonder about the competency of Vassar’s EMS employees’. How could a non-freshman (I assumed) Vassar student confuse Jewett and Josselyn? Ok they both start with ‘J’ but for god sakes I was able to decipher “Josselyn” on the walkie-talkie and I was sitting 20ft away. Maybe the guy was new to the job (he did look particularly sweaty) but if you can’t handle pressure then don’t sign up EMS. Regardless of why the EMS guy was so confused the fact is that there was a possibly passed out (or close to it), sick or injured kid on the 4th floor of Josselyn who went without medical attention for longer than he/she needed to because seagull hair got lost.



Hey all, fasten your seatbelts!!!

BLOG9 will have some EXCLUSIVE stories that you won't want to miss - and you won't see them ANYWHERE ELSE!

Thank you for your dedicated readership!

~The Blog9 Team

Music Lovers Unite!

Like many students at Vassar, I have a love of music. Whether I’m doing homework, groovin’ down or just relaxing, It’s always been a close friend. Until recently a bulk of my library came from Limewire or other p2p networks (yeah, it’s against school policy but the administration didn’t seem to care and plus my computers not registered anyway.) Sadly this is no longer an option. Sure there’s still a bunch of bit torrent hosts and the occasional ‘free’ website but these are entirely unreliable and often more of a hassle than they prove to be worth. What are we to do?

Recently a friend at Princeton turned me onto Ruckus, a legal music sharing network reserved exclusively for college students. As of now, the site boasts over 100 colleges and universities across the country and over 3 million downloadable tracks submitted by the artists themselves, all completely legally. See for yourself (http://www.ruckus.com/ruckus/home.do). No longer will we musicphiles hide shadows, suffering oppression at the pen of the man. Let’s step into the light. It’s fast, easy and lawful. We need to get Vassar in on this. Any Suggestions?

white chocolate

Oatstanding... Right?

One morning towards the very end of spring break I woke up and decided that the thing I really wanted right now was a nice warm cup of oatmeal with delicious de-frosted blueberries from the Retreat. I checked my watch. 8:30. I wasn't sure what I was doing up this early, but the good news was, the Retreat had just opened, so I put on my jeans and coat and headed out into the miserable and dreary morning.

Life at the Retreat was in full swing, but alas, the pot of gooey, steamy oatmeal was not yet in its place. It'll be about five minutes, the lady behind the counter informed me. No problem, I replied and went over to examine the yoghurt flavors. Five minutes later I made my way back over to the oatmeal stand. It's almost ready, just five more minutes. Okay, no big deal.

Fifteen minutes and five-and-a-half New York Times articles later, I was still standing by the empty heating pad, waiting for my oatmeal, when a few key members of the Vassar administration joined me. There were maybe five or six of them, greeting each other, chattering away. When is this oatmeal going to be done? Five minutes, came a voice from the kitchen. Don't trust them, I said half-jokingly. I've been here for over fifteen. This oatmeal better be fabulous. They laughed.

Five minutes later someone came out of the kitchen with the pot of oatmeal. It smelled wonderful--not that watery, kind-of-oatmeal smell but the full-bodied, hearty odor of grains boiled just right. My cup was already prepared, one quarter full of blueberries, a few raisins thrown in for flavor and just a touch of honey. My stomach grumbled hungrily at the sight of the steaming pot...

Why, there's hardly anything in here! one of the admin ladies said, helping herself to it, There's maybe about five scoops total of oatmeal in this pot! Well, I'm glad I got here early, said the other lady behind her, and I'm glad I'm second in line.

So, I watched them all go in front of me. In the end, there was just a little bit left at the bottom, and I managed to fill my cup about three quarters of the way. Still, I walked away thinking, if the administration of our school can't even play fair in the oatmeal line, how fair are they playing with the $49,250/year my family is turning over into their hands?

Just a thought.



A Drug For Indecision - Yay or Nay?

I am just about to finish reading a book called "Indecision," by Benjamin Kunkel. It's about this guy named Dwight who has a serious problem with indecision, to the point where he sometimes has to flip a coin in order to make up his mind about something. Having gone through his life so far without hope for finding a cure, Dwight suddenly hears from one of his friends that a new drug called Abulinix, which supposedly cures indecision, is being tested. The bulk of the story thereafter is about Dwight trying the drug and suddenly (and very much on a hunch) pursuing a jungle escapade to Ecuador's jungles with a Belgian girl named Brigid. Basically, it's a very funny book, and a good treadmill read, so to speak.

My question, however, is this: Is it acceptable to treat a characteristic such as indecision as outside of someone's control and potential improvement (through conscious and painstaking effort, nevertheless), and should one settle for a drug to do the job and create a more artificial and ephemeral sense of being able to decide?

Another question that I have is whether people consider the picking of a "correct" choice in practically any decision vital to the coming of an eventually positive outcome? That is, how truly important are the major decisions that we make, when looked at not just in retrospect but also at that time?

Some food for thought...



Sports Nation

The one thing I feel that I miss out on going to Vassar is the excitement of college sports. I know, I know… I’m going to have a thousand comments from readers astounded that I would ever say such a thing. BUT it’s true. I come from the world of Big 10 college football and let me tell you- there is no rivalry in the WORLD that compares to that of the University of Michigan and The Ohio State University. The rivalry breaks down families, tears best friends apart, puts teachers and students at odds. EVERYONE watches, convinced that their team will take home the win.

I see facebook albums from high school friends with college sports pics and I get a little sad. I miss that. Even in high school, Football Friday was what we lived for. Dressing up in jerseys or T-shirts that we made. Ribbons and glitter and face paint. Bonfires after games and obscene cheers from the student section. I’m getting excited just thinking about it.

But here at Vassar that just doesn’t happen. Sport teams support each other, and groups of friends go out to games but that is it. It is sad because we have some GREAT teams here. Men’s Volleyball, Men’s Basketball, Women’s Lacrosse and others too. Attending sporting events gives people a reason to get excited together, even if you don’t really like the particular sport or know people on the team. It’s a way to build of school spirit. And it’s really fun.

So, to get my college sports fix this weekend I’ll be at all three home lacrosse games. If you feel so inclined JOIN ME. I promise it’ll be a good time



So, the weather is nice; relaxing. I went to the Bharatanatyam workshop last night and it was maaaad cool. I want to be Indian.

I want to go to the drag pageant thing that Luis and Phillipe are doing cuz they're COOL, but I think I'll go to the Bharatanatyam performance instead, cuz I want to culture myself like yogurt.


Back In the "Swing" Of It

Great pun for Saturday, huh? Roaring '20s! Fun! Dancing! Gambling! Woohoo!!

Anyways, we are all back in the swing of it. Classes, homework, lectures w/ Jeff Chang, it's all in full swing! My problem with all of it is once we go back into the kick of it (plus or minus those of you who have [finished] six week courses) it gets repetitive and boring again. You do the same thing day in and day out around the same people in the same area. It's like pre-working days, except you have a little more fun in the mix, see?

At least it's only 7 more weeks, right?

Luvs and hugs,
Dyamond Phillips

Still Sold Out

Nothing new here, move along...

But Sam Charner just shot out a vital e-mail for those of you who don't have tix:

From Evan, Director of ViCE:
"Thank you to everyone who came out so early to buy tickets to the M.I.A. show! This was the fastest tickets have sold out for a ViCE event in years. Because some students were unable to get tickets, ViCE has postponed the sale of general public tickets until Wednesday April 2 at 3:30pm since no classes meet after 3pm on Wednesdays. No tickets will be online tomorrow morning.

SPRiNKLES's Take: This is soooo exciting to me because it's my first concert ever!! (I know, right?!) The suspense/excitement, in addition to it being SOLD OUT makes me ridiculously happy that I'm going to be able to experience it! XD


Spring Back Into TV!!

Sooo I was wracking my brain as to what to write about today, and then the answer literally presented itself before me, through my latest issue of Entertainment Weekly: Spring TV!

All of our shows have gone away for so long... What can we expect for the rest of the season? Here's what EW had to say about my fave shows:

Katherine and Bree reignite their rivalry, this time after Bree posions Katherine's food. All will be made nice by the end of the season, though, as they're going to be starting their own catering business. Gabrielle finds out that Carlos's blindness is permanent, but not before he makes her promise to marry him. And Rick is back to stir things up for Lynette and Tom.

Possibly my favorite on again/off again character (besides Rose) is Ava - she'll be back for a three-episode arc. I'd just been warming up to Private Practice, but ABC decided to pull it until the fall season starts up again. Of course, this frees up Kate Walsh's schedule, leaving her available to make several cameo appearances on Grey's! I can't wait to see Addison back in her pink scrubs! The biggest news for Grey's fans is that "Meredith and McDreamy will be getting together 'for good'" according to series executive producer Shonda Rhimes.

Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy return Sunday, April 13 and Thursday, April 24, respectively on ABC.


Source: Entertainment Weekly, March 28, 2008 issue

So... Um... How's Laos?

I have too many thoughts going through my head. But I thought I would just share a little vignette and some provoking questions. Excited? You should be.

My friend asked me the today what was new in my life. I didn’t really have an answer, which was thoroughly depressing. The asker was one of my closest friends from home who is currently adventuring on her own through Southeast Asia for three months, with no program, travel companion, or knowledge of the languages. My papers and awkward interactions seem insignificant in comparison. So all I could say was “nothing really. How’s Laos?” I love college and am so happy here. But sometimes all it takes is someone braver, different, and more adventurous to make me doubt. It’s like my dilemma with study-abroad (yes, I am only a freshman and it’s a bit early but shhh). I feel like I should go somewhere adventurous and unknown to me, or at least somewhere where I can learn another language. But all I really want to do is go to Scotland and study next to castles. I feel guilty for not wanting to push myself. Maybe I’m just not as brave as her. Is that such a horrible thing? Can we all be grand adventurers? And if we can, should we?

She said Laos is great, in case any of you were wondering.

Incoherent (as always),

Excitement and Existentialism

So I'm sitting here in my room relaxing with my guitar after a few hours of classes this morning. I may or may not finish some easy homework before heading off to various activities tonight.

Most of all, I'm ridiculously excited for this weekend!!!

I wish there were a Villard room dance, but oh well... The mug will have to do to satisfy my grinding requirements for the weekend, plus there's the amazing 20s night in UpC, which will be awesome (I have a dress!) as well as lots of concerts, shows, and time doing absolutely NOTHING with friends. :)

I really don't have to much to say, at least nothing that wouldn't completely let everyone know exactly who I am... Mostly I'm just gonna say that I'm happy. Impatient and feeling a bit like an adolescent boy, but mostly happy and ready for what comes my way.

Today at lunch we had a mini conversation about existentialism, and it confirmed my belief that I'm an existentialist. You know, if I do badly in one class, it's not the end of the world. If I budget my time well so that I can spend time doing nothing or Facebooking or sleeping a lot, then I'm not going to let myself feel belittled or guilty by the people who lose sleep over work. I've said it before, but every single thing we do is NOT a waste of time. Everything we do is valuable.

I am myself.

The end.


Yesterday Was Fantastic

I never realized that a fictional sport that can't actually be accurately played by real people (I am SO holding myself back from saying "Muggles") could be so ENTHRALLING. Also, I have a mad crush on the announcer. That top hat... Damn.

In other news... I didn't get student fellow, but upon further reflection, I think I would have been kind of awful anyway. It's the kind of thing I would have lost interest in a few months into the year... And if I had had a bunch of needy fellowees, I probably would not have been any help whatsoever. So, in conclusion, good choice, ResLife.

In other OTHER news, I just noticed that the sex colum in the Misc is called "Penetrating Questions." oooookay.

xx why does the weather suck today?



Jewett Updates

So it has only been 3 days since Spring Break officially ended, but there has been so much going on in Jewett. BTW Jewett just had a fire drill (YES A DRILL, because Jewett does not get enough fire evacuation with its ultra sensitive alarms). Well anyhow back to the updates...

1. Student Fellow Decisions for Jewett -- yes its been decided, and I don't wanna talk about it too extensively b/c it is still a sensitive issue for those that didn't make it. But the story goes, there is some dissatisfaction with the decisions made. According to my sources, all the decision for Jewett Student Fellows were discussed openly in this week's House Meeting. AND a name allegedly caught the attention of EVERYBODY -- no one expected him to get through to become a student fellow.

2. The beginning of this second half of semester is already seeing a lot of anxious/nervous freshmen constantly on the look out for a roommate. Although the degree of this possibly "friendship-deteriorating" phenomenon has yet to surface, hopefully no one is going to get hurt and everyone will stay good friends forever (cause that's the way it is in JEWETT!)

3. in less than 30 minutes, Jewett's first Study Break since Spring Break!!!!! It's an eating contest with real good food. Groups of five. I'm hell excited, gotta be there!

Enjoy your week everyone!



Here's what's going down TOMORROW:

From Main President Luis Trujillo:

Please turn off all electrical devices that you can [from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.]. Here are some tips:

1. In an hour long period, unplugging a fridge will not raise the temperature enough to make food go bad!
2. In an hour long period, your laptop, cellphone, and ipod can all probably survive on battery power.
3. Lights on? Turn them off! Daylight is better for you anyways!
4. Now is the time to unplug all the plugs that you don't have use for. Leaving things plugged in that don't need to be or don't actually serve a purpose consumes energy too!
5. That hi-fi system can wait for an hour, can't it? Use headphones!
6. Turn off lights in bathrooms and common areas!

Thank you for your understanding and your cooperation,

Buildings and Grounds Services and the College Committee on Sustainability

SPRiNKLES's Take: Apparently Vassar gets paid to do this... Hey, if it helps reduce my tuition costs (e.g., in the form of more financial aid), or helps improve campus services, I'm all for it! Besides, what's an HOUR, anyway? 60 minutes! psh. Easy stuff!

Sex Myth Laid to Rest (finally)

The debate has raged for years. Is sex-ed a useful tool or a gateway to sin? (At least that’s how the argument went in my town) Finally, after years of searching, there is an answer, and, go figure, the results are not really surprising. As it turns out there is a correlation between teen pregnancy and sex-ed. Teens who received abstinence only education were just as likely to wind up preggers as those with contraceptive education. Shocking huh? Ready for another shocker? Teens educated with contraceptive use and safe sex practices do not have more sex, start earlier, or have higher STD levels than those taught abstinence only!

Naturally, as unsurprising and obvious as this may seem to anyone who has had to sit through a health class, this is big news to most schools and the government. “Currently, the federal government champions the abstinence-only approach, giving around $170 million each year to states and community groups to teach kids to say no to sex. This funding precludes mention of birth control and condoms, unless it is to emphasize their failure rates” <http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20080324/hl_nm/teen_pregnancies_dc;_ylt=Ag0yklQJcEshjSV.Cv49_ZnVJRIF> .

So now that you know this breaking and pressing news doesn’t it leave you to wonder a bit? I know as a psych major I often find myself shaking my head at many recent ‘groundbreaking’ studies. Is it necessary to waste research funding on things that are a bit obvious or is it really that crucial that we have the facts on record as scientific evidence? Oh well, maybe now more schools will be open to sex-ed that is actually educational as opposed to dogmatic.


M.I.A. TIX (2 Updates)


UPDATE 12:35 p.m.: According to a ViCE member, there will be about 1,000 tickets sold in total. Right now, they've sold 767! If you want to go to this concert, you've got to get yours today - there are only about 230 left! (And no line, right now....)

UPDATE 5:49 p.m.: According to a second ViCE insider, there will be only 100 tickets available online, for those of you who weren't able to pick one up today (they'd sold out by 1:00). Online tickets were supposed to go on sale at 3:00 p.m. today at Ticketmaster.com; the site now redirects you to TicketWeb.com, which has a on-sale time of 9:00 a.m. on FRIDAY.

On Procrastination

So…. I’m back from Spring Break (and I know that you’ve heard this a million times already), had a wonderful time, now I have to catch up with all the work I neglected for two weeks…Exasperation! I cannot believe that 3 days in I’m already freaked out about upcoming papers, events, people visiting, working on other stuff, etc. Even so…I still find it incredibly easy to go into another hallway and lose 2 good hours doing nothing! There we go: procrastination. Of course I feel terrible when it’s 2 AM and I have yet to read 50 pages of a book, but I can’t help prioritizing quality time with other people. I simply find it very important. Like Ellen DeGeneres says in her stand-up about procrastination: “all we’ve got is here and now… and that’s why procrastination feels so right!” And, honestly, fifty years from now what will I remember? What will be the pleasant and satisfactory memory? Most likely the one about the random but entertaining time I spent with other people. Yes, yes, we do have responsibilities and getting 5 hours of sleep sucks (I need 8!!)…But I still believe that the memories we build with others, the unexpected experiences that we come by…those are truly valuable things. Just as long as we don’t stay up till 3:30 AM…it’s not too bad.


A New Look For the Mug

According to a certain campus dining worker, Matthew's Mug will soon be getting a stylish new sign. Set to be placed right across from the stairs on the lower level, it will consist of four huge parts.

And Blog9 has your first look at the graphic that will make up the two center pieces!

Cool, huh??

Fall? Already?

Yepp, we've just gotten back from Spring Break, but the Fall 2008 Schedule of Classes is now available online at Ask Banner.

Check it out here.

Thanks to reader ZG for the tip!

One More Thing....

Has anyone else checked out the official websites for M.I.A. (www.miauk.com) and MGMT (www.whoismgmt.com)?

Psychadelic, baby!!!

Seriously though, if you are epileptic or are prone to seizures DO NOT go to M.I.A.'s website.... You've been warned.....



For those of you who have been living under a rock (or perhaps the motherload of work that has suddenly piled up) ViCE has announced that the "special guests" for the M.I.A. concert are none other than MGMT!

VSA President Sam Charner has just sent out an e-mail:
ViCE is extremely excited to announce this year's spring concert featuring internationally acclaimed hip-hop artist, M.I.A. (www.miauk.com). Combining diverse genres of music and politically conscious lyrics, M.I.A. has emerged as one of the most important, interesting and popular artists in music today. She was named Spin Magazine's artist of the year (2005), and her latest release, Kala, was deemed album of the year by both Blender and Rolling Stone. MGMT (www.whoismgmt.com), one of Rolling Stone's top 10 artists to watch, will open the show. And there might even be more surprise guests to come...

Mads coverage here, ViCE official announcement here.

SPRiNKLES's Take: MGMT was actually the logical choice in my opinion; both M.I.A. and them have the same sort of vibe. Incidentally, MGMT's single, Time to Pretend, was featured as iTunes' single of the week back in February... I was lucky enough to get it... They are FANTASTIC. I cannot WAIT till tomorrow!! TIXXXX!!!


This spring break was not at all what I expected it to be. To start off, I'd like to laugh at how funny it is that I subconsciously thought that a lot of my college friends would partake in that stereotypical "sPrinG brAke '08 lolzz!!1!" in Florida. It's hilarious that no one I know did that at all.

I expected to get some homework done, quietly celebrate my birthday, play lots of Brawl, and see my friends during the one day overlap of our breaks. (All but the first was actually accomplished). I can't say I completely enjoyed the break but I certainly had some surprising realizations.

Two of my friends who were home took me to lunch the first friday of break, and I realized how much they value my friendship through small actions and delicately but lovingly chosen words. Then when I met with my other friends I recognized that the fear that had grown inside me a year ago, that of losing my friends to college separation, was not realized. My closest friends are intact, I still love them, and they still love me. During the trip up to school I realized how much I had missed seeing my new friends, and upon returning from during felt their love.

Love you guys, old and new (Vassarites!)



What We're Listening To

Most of these songs can be viewed/listened to in the "What We're Listening To" sidebar feature to the right of this post! Also, as part of the first step of our refresh, Blog9 has launched its own YouTube channel! Found at www.youtube.com/lifeinthe9, Vlog9 will soon have all videos embedded in our posts under "favorites" and all "What We're..." features as playlists! We don't have any current plans to post any original material, as we are an anonymous blog, but who knows?

Here's what we're listening to this last week in March:

“Se me Olvido” by Gian Marco

“I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz


“Elevator” by Flo Rida featuring Timbaland


“Start Wearing Purple” by Gogol Bordello

"Don't Forget to Remember Me" by Carrie Underwood

“Surrender (Original Mix)” by All Grace featuring Mr. Sam and Rani

Dyamond Phillips
“See You Again” by Miley Cyrus

“Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien” by Edith Piaf


“Oxford Comma” by Vampire Weekend

"All Night" by Damian Marley featuring Stephen Marley

“Merry Happy” by Kate Nash

“Grace” by Jeff Buckley

“If It Kills Me” by Jason Mraz

“Elevator” by Flo Rida featuring Timbaland

“Hold On” by the Jonas Brothers

"No Beginning, No End" by Hawkley Workman

“Their City” by The Matches

white chocolate
“Air” by DJ Simon

Take Note: Things That Annoy Waitresses

While I was at home over Spring Break I went back to my job as a waitress for a few days. Whenever I go back I remember how many things annoy me when I’m waiting on people. Really, they seem like common sense things that customers should know, but I guess they aren’t. So here, for all the world to see is a list of all the things that annoy me when I waitress…. (Learn from them)

1. TIPPING. Bad tippers are my biggest pet peeve. If you come in for dinner and your bill is fifty dollars, leaving anything less than $7.50 is being really really cheap. Tips are essentially my only income while I waitress… my hourly wage is so low that it barely covers the money for my taxes.

2. It is NOT your waitress’ fault that your steak isn’t done how you wanted it. She doesn’t cook the food she just serves it.

3. DEFINITELY don’t leave a lower tip because the food isn’t good. Again, she has no control over it.

4. If something is wrong (ANYTHING) tell the waitress… don’t wait until you are at the register paying for your meal to complain to the hostess about. How can anything be done if you don’t speak up??? Plus, the waitress will end up in trouble for something she didn’t even know about.

5. Don’t take it out on me if you are having a bad day… and don’t tell me your whole life story when I ask how you are. I really don’t care that you’ve been constipated for days… I’m just being polite.


Everything Changes

Mk so before I get into this post, I just wanted to comment on the perplexing state of the world we live in. When I walk to places on campus, I invariably have my earbuds on and turned up to a level at which I cannot hear anything except the music. This can cause problems, as most people who ride bikes or jog also do the same. I almost got run over by said people four times today already. It's incredibly scary/shocking when they come out of nowhere and slightly graze your arm as they bike/run past.

So it's only the first "official" day back, and already things in my life have changed. I did not anticipate this; it's still the same semester, and the same classes, but things are just different now.

I've changed my eating habits for the better, spacing meals out more evenly to prevent overeating and growing morbidly obese. I've changed some of the routes on how I walk to class. I've even decided to make up a schedule to plan out each day of my last six weeks so that I actually KNOW the material I need to know. First part of the semester, I slacked and didn't read any psych or film.... I know that'll come back to bite me in the butt.

It made me realize that I am completely opposed to change; I like daily routines. It makes me feel more secure and comfortable.

That said, I should have known the lesson I can get out of this way back at the beginning of the school year, when it was blared everywhere in Grey's ads: Everything Changes.


I Was Almost Abducted

Hey buddies. I have a good reason for not posting last week. But let me say first: I love the X-Files and the new movie is going to be ...SEEN BY ME, if not thrilling.

So, like, last week I was sitting downstairs in my house alone, the clock about to strike midnight. I'm playing solitaire and singing to the Allman Bros Band, when I heard the absolute oddest thing from the room behind me. Have you ever put two cellphones on speakerphone, had one call the other, and heard the weird bat-like echoey noises that crescendo into a shrieky...banshee-like sound? Yeah, well that's what I heard, and really effing loudly coming from the closet. I looked for any electronic devices that might have been making the sound but there was absolutely nothing. I was kind of weirded out so I called Daddy, who came down just in time to catch the last of the noise, but he was like, "ooh it'th jutht batth" and I was like, "did you NOT hear the unearthly screams?"....

So then he went back upstairs and someone knocked on the window next to the porch 3 or 4 times, then my alarm system notified me that someone was fiddling with the upstairs door, which you can only access from that very porch by climbing some stairs. SO i called my dad and told him to quickly check the door and make sure no one was being raped, as the bedrooms are upstairs but it took him like 5 minutes to be convinced I wasn't kidding around. "Dad, someone's terrorizing me!" I felt like Rosemary when no one believed her something was wrong with what turned out to be the spawn of Satan creating havoc in her womb.

Then the demonic noises start again, this time with a bark and a deep, like, moan/laugh/neither added to the mess. It sounded like the soundtrack to a house of horrors, really it did. Daddy said no one was upstairs and he and mom came downstairs and were freaked out by the sound, wouldn't go in the room. Dad saw someone moving near our house, checked outside perimeter (the well-lit perimeter, that is) and saw nothing. My mom said she had seen lights in her bedroom earlier, around midnight.

Then the internet wouldn't work.

So, like, I've decided that although I'd be a wonderful medium for a poltergeist, it sounds more like aliens to me.

To whatever alien pranked my house so elaborately, go probe yourself with a stick of dynamite and blow yourself back to where you came from. Don't you know aliens are ILLEGAL here?

Ciao, bellas. and..bellos? P.S. did anyone see Lost?! Uh, I love Sayid.

Excitement Ensues

So, just like when GirlTalk came, I don't know who the hell M.I.A. is. I figure since it would be useless knowledge to me, I'd wiki this person


Sometimes I wish we would get people recognized by EVERYONE, whether they be a music artist or a speaker. I understand that that means more money out of Vassar's pockets, but if you can fund those of us with extra scholarship money if your family income is less than $60,000, I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to negotiate something, right?
Sure, there's room for argument, but it'd be nice if I could be hyped up about this person as much as the other half of the campus.

Break was fun. I spent too much money, but there are definitely no regrets. Maybe one day I'll get a job and repay myself and my parents :D
See you all at Vassar, though you won't see me!

Luvs and hugs,
Dyamond Phillips



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There is currently only ONE correspondent in each of the following houses:


If you live in one of those and are interested in joining the Blog9 team, shoot an e-mail to lifeinthe9@gmail.com.

We'll get you hooked up!

The Leaving

Okay, so it doesn't get any easier.

And I'm not just talking about flying 3000 miles away from the people and city I love most.

I'm talking about fitting everything into this #$@&$@% EFFING SUITCASE.

I mean, I try to take things out, and it just doesn't work. I need my hot pink denim jacket and my ballet warmup booties and six books for the plane ride and my $23 fuzzy-sounding iPod speakers and an entire Costco-sized box of FiberOne granola bars. Right?

It's moments like these that I wish I lived within driving distance of Vassar.

Or that my extra suitcase wasn't in my dorm room closet holding all of our room's alcohol and illegal appliances.

xx and see you all tomorrow around midnight, I hate time zones

P.S. Seriously, I could lose the jacket and MAYBE the warmup booties, but I have got to have those granola bars if I want a functioning digestive system after another six weeks of the DC...

ViCE M.I.A. Posters Spotted!

Hanging in the College Center!
Two more things we can glean from the posters are that tickets go on sale for Vassar students TUESDAY, at ONLY $14 with ID, and there are special guestS. (plural!) Does this mean there will be several acts? Perhaps a group? We'll keep you updated!



M.I.A.'s Hits

Here's a little something I put together for you readers, to get you caught up on M.I.A. (Especially for those of you that aren't too familiar with her awesome music)



Mads has dug up some interesting info on the M.I.A. concert first reported on by Blog9 back in February!

According to both Ticketmaster and TicketWeb, M.I.A. will be performing in the west side of ACDC Friday, April 11th! Tickets go on sale this Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. on both of those sites; they'll be $25 at the door.

UPDATE: The time tickets go on sale, as well as their price, is for non-Vassar students only.

Remember, you heard rumblings of this here first!

SPRiNKLES's Take: YESSSS!!!! I love M.I.A.! (Esp. Paper Planes) It should be noted that both sites list the event as "M.I.A. featuring Special Guest." Who could this mysterious person/group be? I hope it's Britney!!!..... But know it won't be. =/

Guide to Girls

To a lot of guys, girls are very confusing. So I'm going debunk any myth of confusion.
Here is a partial guide to what girls like:

1. All girls are different. Get to know the girl and ask her what she likes. End of story. :)

I'm so glad to be back at Vassar. It's a relief. I feel like it's home now for real.
I'm ready for more time with friends tomorrow, and also some time with myself.

P.S. Girls aren't really all that different, though: Cuddling, investigative hand-holding, your arm around her, some sort of communication every day, random texts when you are reminded of her by something, your forearms, your talents, you occasionally being completely out-of-character, whatever part of your body you think is the worst, verbal reassurance of their beauty/value/appealingness, a bit too much affection at times, your jokes, when you show vulnerability, dancing with you, some spot on you where her head fits perfectly, the way you mysteriously smell good, massages, you making fun of her, you wanting to be only with her, something you do that you don't even realize you do... basically, YOU. Be yourself and ask her what she likes, and make sure she knows exactly how you feel about her and (if there's a relationship) how you feel about the relationship the relationship because it's not just guys who don't pick up on these things. And by the way... Girls' brains never turn off. It goes with the territory. And most girls remember everything. Ergo everything that happens just keeps getting rehashed,rehashed,rehashed... Just keep that in mind. :)



It's Time For Some BRITcom

As you've probably heard, Britney Spears will be guest-starring in this Monday's episode of CBS's hit sitcom, How I Met Your Mother. Here are two sneak peeks at Britney's new role!

SPRiNKLES's Take: Britney looks fabulous in these clips! It looks like she's giving a really funny, awkward performance, lusting after Ted! I don't usually watch this show, but I'm going to have to catch it this week.

Spring Break on the Best Coast

This is for all the readers who want pictures... highlights of my spring break:

The drive to Cedar City... go north on the 15, take a million pictures in the Virgin River Gorge, follow a badass old lady driving like she's in the Indy 500 (for real, you should have seen her going wild in her Buick)...

Seriously, isn't it BEAUTIFUL?

And for a little ocean beauty...

Go south on the 15, realize that the directions you printed off the Internet don't match the road signs, get to San Diego successfully and then get hopelessly lost on the way to La Jolla Shores...

Drool over the multi-million-dollar beach houses...

Eat a SHIT-TON of REAL Mexican food... (my darling East Coast children, there is no Mexican food on your side of the country, only a pale imitation)

Bask in the glory of the Best Coast.

xx and I wish I had a million dollars to spend on a beach mansion


Do I have a life?

Q: Sometimes I wonder if I have a life.

I mean, I communicate with my family and friends via email and Facebook, so it's not that I spend hours and hours on the computer every day, but I get on quite often for short amounts of time, so it looks as though I'm on nonstop. Why don't I hang out with friends from high school, you may ask? Well, I have two friends from high school. I hung out with them once this break and we actually ended up sitting in a coffee house (THE coffee house, actually) for nearly 4 hours talking. This was lovely. But they're coffee-house friends, not bedroom friends, or (anymore) school friends, and so I see them during my breaks when we go out for coffee once. I recently shocked a Vassar friend by telling her that, contrary to what I may seem like at Vassar, I don't really have a substantial body of friends at home. Not that I have enemies--basically everyone likes me--I don't really have actual friends aside from these two.

This probably sounds like a sob story, and I guess at one point in my life it would have been. But the reason I'm writing this is to talk about how now I have closer friends at Vassar than I've had my entire life, and I'm so grateful for them. Now that I'm a whole person on my own, they make me even better. For the first time, even guys have been interested in me for more than friendship (like, for real, not the sleazy guys who yell at me from their cars). I love all my friends, and I can't wait to see them again. They make the less-fun parts of life--like class, homework, going to the doctor, and being randomly down about life--so much easier to get through.

A: Yeah, I have a life. I make it because I am a complete, valuable person, and my friends make it for adding to my well-being.

Really, though, I think everything has value--Facebook stalking, video game playing, dozing off, reading, volunteering for child refugees from third-world countries, doing absolutely nothing, making out, writing emails to people, and doing pushups. So what is "having a life"? I don't think it's whether what we're doing with it has value--since everything has value in my opinion--but instead it's whether what we're doing (or not doing) makes us satisfied with ourselves.

I leave early Saturday morning for Vassar, getting in just a few hours after dorms open.

I can't wait.



Vassar Alum (Sort of) Honored

Vassar dropout Anne Hathaway was honored with the Human Rights Campaign's Ally for Equality Award over the weekend in Los Angeles.


Her brother Mike is apparently gay. Accepting the award, she recalled when he came out to his family:
"We hugged him, said we loved him and that was that."

Source: WENN

SPRiNKLES's Take: I found this little tidbit interesting, mainly because of the slight connection Anne has to Vassar, and Vassar's rather nonchalant attitude towards queers in general. I come from a background that isn't as accepting (Catholicism), and to me it's heartwarming to see a story like this in the news. Many celebrities have been taking home Ally awards lately - Barbara Walters took home a GLAAD Ally award on Monday for her reporting on transgender children.

Read This With a Hardhat On

Please excuse the mess! Over the next two weeks, we'll be toying around with our layout quite a bit, in order to bring you the long-anticipated refresh that we're excited to unveil!

Happy reading!


Confessions of an Almost-19-Year-Old

I made spaghetti the other day. The health-store kind, "Made with Jerusalem Artichoke Flour!", whatever that is, with lots of marinara sauce on top, the kind with the mushrooms in it. I ate it out of a mug because that's the only dish I had thought to bring with me to Noyes. It was a sunny day and in the kitchen it was very warm because none of the windows opened. I drank my food down with wine I had gotten in Spain, which I sipped right out of the bottle, because the only dish I had thought to bring with me into Noyes was at the moment full of artichoke flour spaghetti.

I love dorm life but I miss having a house. There is something about having to do the dishes, needing to buy the groceries and wipe off the counter-tops and vacuum the living-room floor that makes you feel like a full person, instead of just a limb living in room 362. It's like building a sand castle where the waves can't reach it. No matter what else is happening around you, you have walls, and a front door, and you can choose who you let inside.

The best days are those where you do something differently and it works. This whole life thing works best if you jump into the pool before you're quite ready, or if you change your mind twenty times before you make it up and then forget what you decided the first chance you get. Practicality belongs on somebody else's doorstep, like a puppy or a bouquet of roses or an illegitimate child. It's best to silence that voice of reason in your head or else it will ring all of a sudden like a cell phone in the middle of the movie and then everyone else in the theatre will turn and look at you while you wrestle with your purse in the darkness. Lately I can't go a day without doing something out of the ordinary. It's like I simply can't exist without creating something that might be completely stupid and useless: I don't care. I'm tired of being asked to do new things the old way. New things should be done the new way, otherwise they're just echoes of the emptiness someone else felt, and will never suffice to fill our own. Why do we try? Why do we listen when we should be singing?

I resolve to take back absolutely everything I said I was, so you won't know what to think of me, and that would be okay. I'm so bored. Let's do this over again.

...because all the cool kids were crazy anyhow.

Indiscriminately yours,


I Suck At Breaks, But That Will All Change...

You know, after spending a week with my family in St. Martin / St. Maarten (yes, it has two names, since it is a joint province of France and the Netherlands), I noticed that I've been too pushy with my parents and especially with my little brother. I can't explain it, but I somehow manage to act riled up during breaks rather than take a break, and end up taking all of that tension out on my family. It's not that I physically hurt them; no, I could never bring myself to that. What I do, though, is make biting, cynical, and sometimes humiliating remarks. At the same time though, a part of me ends up feeling more relaxed after all, once I unload all of that onto the people closest to me; so it's not one of those cases where I act on my anger but it gets me nowhere (because it does).

I feel really bad now that I noticed, especially about what I've said to my brother. Just today, I hammered on and on, jamming my cynicism into the 8-year-old's mind, almost robbing him of his childhood wonder. And now I think about all the worry I've instilled in him. For example, we had quite a lengthy conversation about God and religious belief, and I kept plowing at his innocent inquiry with my atheism. It's a good thing we didn't start talking about Santa Claus because I would've demolished that myth for him for sure.

But I've resolved to calm down this week, to not be as assertive and just blatantly annoying. Ahh, I feel better already...



The Emotion of Music

This Tuesday and Wednesday I watched American Idol, after quite a long hiatus (as I last saw it in January). Brooke White's performance of "Let It Be" was beautiful, but perhaps not in the immediately obvious ways. When she started singing the song, I immediately commented that her note on "trouble" was out of pitch, and as the song progressed I noticed that the song was a bit musically sloppy in that she was a bit hoarse or off on a few notes. However what I realized soon after and understand now is that a heartfelt performance, one that does show these musical flaws and physical signs of emotion, is the best kind of performance. I downloaded the iTunes single of the song and it's very different. The voice is not emotionally strained as in the live performance, and it really makes a big difference. Sure, both have musical merits and if you go by "the books" the single is more perfected than the live. But that's just it: it shouldn't be perfect. The song should be imperfect, and in this way that emotion makes it so. We are human after all, and it's imperfection that's beautiful. I'll take my music with emotion, and its effects.

On similar note (forgive the pun), I saw Young Frankenstein, the musical, yesterday, and it was wonderful. It's all the terrific humor of the original film with witty music performed with emotion. :D


Who Needs "Silence: A 13th Century French Romance" When You Have...

So lately I've been thinking a lot about children's literature (it probably has something to do with the fact that I've spent my spring break watching the Disney Channel) and how much I LOVE it. I could probably spend the rest of my life curled up in bed reading children's books and be eternally happy and immersed in disguised poignancy and all that.

A few of my favorites:
Walk Two Moons - Sharon Creech (Bloomability is terrif too)
Jacob Have I Loved - Katherine Paterson (kicks Bridge to Terabithia's ass)
Sideways Stories from Wayside School - Louis Sachar (this book freaked me out - the thing with the rat?!)
The Phantom Tollbooth - Norton Juster (the illustrations! The illustrations!)
A Wrinkle in Time - Madeleine L'Engle (I cried when she died. Really.)
The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles - Julie Edwards, aka THE Julie Andrews (Julie Andrews wrote this. For real. I didn't know it was possible for me to love her more, but I do. I also had a really embarrassing moment in the 4th grade when I suggested that we read this for our next in-class book, but no one really took me seriously back then... possibly because I had just hit four feet and my glasses were still about half the size of my face)
Mr. Popper's Penguins - Richard and Florence Atwater (why, why, WHY was this the only book they wrote?!)
The BFG - Roald Dahl (okay, I would marry Roald Dahl. I have read every word this man has written.)
The Trumpet of the Swan - E.B. White (or his other books. I just found out like, two weeks ago that E.B. White was "White" of "Strunk and White")
Stargirl - Jerry Spinelli (I wanted to be Stargirl. I haven't read the sequel, btw. I don't know how I feel about it.)
the Sammy Keyes mysteries - Wendelin Van Draanen (I also wanted to be Sammy Keyes. Seriously, it's Nancy Drew for the Vassar set. Scathing remarks, puzzling conundrums, and cute boys. Helloo!)
A Long Way from Chicago - Richard Peck
Frindle - Andrew Clements (who DOESN'T want to invent a word? Seriously!)
Baby - Patricia MacLachlan (this book introduced me to my favorite poem EVER, "Dirge Without Music" by VC's own Edna St. Vincent Millay... this poem is everywhere in my life; it's even on the wall of the Villard Room)
Anastasia Krupnik and all sequels - Lois Lowry


A Summer to Die - Lois Lowry (please excuse the title, it is the most beautiful piece of literature I've ever read, and that includes you, Franz Kafka)

xx and I'm off to reread "Baby"


Our latest polls have closed!

The full results of the Spring Break poll are to the right of this post; most people are sleeping and/or relaxing over break!

As for the Random Poll of the Week, SWEET won out over SALTY (snack food preference) 65% to 34%.

A new random poll is now up!


Different From Home

So I have ventured past home this break, and even though the weather's nice, the Brooklyn feel just isn't here. I feel kinda lonely and I wanna go party, but there's no where for me to go, especially with people I don't know. I guess I have nothing to do but just sit around lazily waiting to return home for a bit and make that dreaded trip back to the dreaded land of Vassar where no one is interested in you or if they are, they're much to afraid to approach you because they think they're "too nerdy" or they'll be snubbed. How boring. I'd love to just stay at home, but I'd hate going to school @ home because that means living at home. After all, my parents would NEVER pay any extra if they didn't have to. How's the situation with you guys? Would you love being at home without having to go to school @ home?

Luvs and hugs!
Dyamond Phillips


I'm a college girl in a home world...

Sorry for the lame song reference.

I'm noticing differences about myself since having started at Vassar. The first is one that I'm guessing many of us have noticed: I swear now. I don't swear in my house out of habit, but occasionally when I'm surprised it slips out, for example today I was driving with my family (they think I still need practice driving... Ah, parents :P) and I didn't see a pot-hole in the road: "Fuck!--Ahahaha oops!"

I'm also more laid-back, if that's possible since I'm generally fairly frenetic. I notice more the social dynamic between my parents and it's making me learn things about how I want to be when I grow up if I get married. I go with the flow much more on unimportant things, which I didn't use to do, yet on the important stuff I don't let it walk by the way I used to. I'm definitely impatient to get to Vassar, but each passing break has marked an increase in my tolerance for not being where I want to be at that exact moment.

At Vassar, however, I still have some impatience issues to work on...




Happy Pi Day, everyone!


Speaking of Britney...

She wants to have sex with the lead singer, Shawn Harris, of my favorite band, The Matches. Their new album drops Tuesday and you should definately definitely check it out. There's a video up for their first single "Wake the Sun" somewhere out there in cyberspace as well as all their old videos from their old albums (my favorite is "Salty Eyes"). I'm getting a Matches inspired tattoo sometime in the near future (probably the crow from Decomposer depending on the A Band in Hope artwork). Hope you guys are having a great break! I'm going to see "Funny Games" tonight and I am so excited.



Britney's New Vid


SPRiNKLES's Take: Wtf? I mean, I LOVEEE my Britney, and surely didn't expect her to be putting out a music video for her new single this soon. That said, she lived up to my expectations and didn't REALLY record a video - it's an entire mini-anime cartoon. My vote, after seeing this in its entirety is that she wouldn't have released a video at all. Question is, what about all those reports that said she was working with her Overprotected choreographer? Not till her next single, which rumors say is "Hot as Ice."

You are hot. Love yourself.

I'm having one of those days where I like my face.

My cheeks are tapering just right, my lips are a nice soft red, my eyes look wide and friendly. Even the pimples on my forehead are diminishing. I suppose I should feel conceited writing about this, especially since I just finished a magazine article about how teenagers today are narcissistic and fame-obsessed.

But you know what? I think we should all have the right to love ourselves sometimes. Which isn't to say that we shouldn't love ourselves when we feel ugly on some day. If anything, maybe we should love ourselves more since our hotness isn't detracting from our "inner" self. Of course, I'm all for the inner self and the outer self being the same, which is why I'm usually random, makeup-free, and lacking inhibitions. So when we love our inner self, it should mean loving our outer self as well since our outer self should be an extension of what's inside (since "inside" is physical things too, like our brain, not some mysterious ghostly "being" or "soul" who makes us think).

Love the inside; love the outside.
When I wake up and I like the way my abs or legs or cleavage or whatever looks, I shouldn't feel guilty about modeling for myself in the mirror--and I don't, regardless of if that makes you think that I'm conceited.

Today, I like how my face looks, and I'm going to look in the mirror as often as I want to--half-smile, bedroom eyes and all.





What was originally speculation is now reality: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will be released as two separate films, one in November 2010, the other May 2011.

Also confirmed today was the rumor that director David Yates will be returning to helm the final films.

According to an article in the LA Times:

"I swear to you it was born out of purely creative reasons," Heyman said during an interview in a converted airplane factory outside London that has been home base to all of the "Potter" productions. "Unlike every other book, you cannot remove elements of this book. You can remove scenes of Ron playing quidditch from the fifth book, and you can remove Hermione and S.P.E.W. [Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare] and those subplots . . . but with the seventh, that can't be done."

Complete article here.

SPRiNKLES's Take: This is great news, primarily because it means that they shouldn't have an excuse to cut anything from the film that's in the book. They'll have at the very least four and a half hours to tell the story now. On the downside, it'll be the longest wait ever between Potter films - with HP6 coming out this November, it'll be two years before the first part of HP7 debuts. In addition to this, it means that current college and high school freshmen will graduate around the same time the final movie comes out. Personally, I think that's fitting.

Thanks, Spitzy/The Man in Pink

Just dropping in to post before I head off on a road trip to Utah with my girlfriends. What more can a girl ask for than the open road, a minivan full of friends, and a state packed with Mormons? (Don't answer that.)

So now BOTH my "home states" are experiencing scandal. First the colonoscopy clinic that reused syringes and gave a bunch of people Hepatitis C in my real home state (seriously - how screwed up is that? It was all on the direction of the jackass in charge, who was already enormously wealthy but decided to risk his patients' lives by cutting corners even more). And now Elliot Spitzer resigns in the wake of a prostitution scandal. Seriously? SERIOUSLY? Who DOES that? A man in a high-profile public position, with a wife and three teenage daughters (can you imagine your father doing this?), how could he have been so selfish as to do such a despicable thing? Talk about hypocrisy. Sick.

And on a lighter note... I was taking ballet class at my old studio the night before last, and there was a man in my class wearing pink tights, a women's leotard, pink legwarmers, and pink shoes. I mean, I'm all for androgyny and gender-neutral life and whatnot, but who shoves themselves into that crap when they don't have to? Seriously, no sane female dancer wants to look at herself in pink tights. More power to Pink Tights Man, I guess.

xx and hope your hometown is as deliciously dysfunctional as mine

Already Bored With Break

Travelling sucks balls. I won't bore you with my story, but I wasted a ton of money and was delayed nearly 48 hours total. My shenanigans involved illegally staying in Noyes an extra night with a friend I was lucky to know was there. DAMN ALL BUSES.

I'm eating chocolate at 12:30 in the morn. I'm not PMSing or anything, it's just what I do when I'm home. I am constantly bored here so I get fat. crap. I'm just a fat bored monster. ha, I kid. Does anyone else think we have too much freaking vacation time?

I hope all your breaks are going at least relaxedly, if not kick-ass Chuck Norris style. I'm hoping to go to "10,000 B.C." to see some amazing laughable action with my friends and make fun of it the whole way through. It's obnoxious, but such is youth's way, alas. So bug off, media consumers. I'm a hip young counter-culture Vassar righteous vegan organic hemp-sexxing junior revolutionary and I don't shave my legs.

I love Vassar, though. And I do take the afore-described stereotypical hippie Vassarite seriously.


Drowsy puppy...

...but without the happy connotation that usually has for me.

Don't you hate when you have those down days? Mine didn't start off that way.

I think it's a combination of things. I'm missing Vassar--my independence, my friends, etc--and I'm feeling like I should be working ahead for research/preparation on the two 15-page papers that will kick my ass after break. I know I'm GOING to do schoolwork at some point, but it's two lengthy things that I can't just get done in a day the way I can other things, so there's the constant looming over my head that I usually avoid by not procrastinating on little homework things but that's unavoidable with a big project.

But anyway.
Now that I've got that out of the way.

Rest assured that I'll have enthusiastic posts soon... But also just know that if you're having a down, slow spring break day, you're not the only one :). And soon we'll be back at Vassar, ready to party it up with our friends!




Having received my copy of Super Smash Bros. Brawl in the mail at approximately 2:00 today, I have beaten my four-year-old sister with every character I've unlocked. I am currently 1:31 through the Subspace Emissary.


That is all.
Hope your break's going well!

Finally At Peace

It's spring break and time for peace. For those who stayed at Vassar to work, the more power to you! I congratulate all of you. For those who left, how goes it? My break is so far very relaxing and peaceful. I've enjoying being with my friends from high school and even hanging out with friends from Vassar. Shopping and eating and wandering and laughing and reminiscing over old times... It's been what I've been waiting for (despite just having a break in January).

I'm in the mood to do things I've never done before. I'm just planning on wandering around, not doing anything in particular, letting the brisk breeze blow by. And, when summer comes around, things will just be 10 million times better.
So, with that said, I do have a few suggestions to have fun during the break. Take 'em however you want, some people just don't know how to read language sometimes, but here goes:


This has been your public announcement from your friendly after school adviser!

Luvs and hugs,
Dyamond Phillips

A "Brawl" At Last

At 12:10 AM this very Sunday morning, I was waiting anxiously in line to purchase my copy of the long-awaited (2 years), twice-delayed SUPER SMASH BROS. BRAWL. The game is amazing. It has an insane amount of content and unlockable content ranging from secret characters, to secret battle stages, and other play modes. It was certainly well worth the wait. I'll be enjoying my time at home, for sure, until my friends return from school at which point we'll all play together and my story will be a great deal less lame. :P

Have an enjoyable and safe spring break,



Buckle up! It's gonna be a wild, wild ride...

Wow, basically.
What an insane trip home.

So I was already nervous about getting home because of the intense snow. After a long delay, spent with a friend of a friend of a friend from Vassar, the plane finally took off. I slept for most of the time because I have this killer cold right now.

Upon landing, I got a phone call from my parents saying that they hadn't left yet to pick me up since the roads were just too treacherous. I was planning to just hang out at the airport, then we discovered that my city was in a level 3 blizzard warning--meaning that it was literally illegal for anyone to be out on the roads.

"Plane slides off runway at Port Columbus"... "...dumped 20.4 inches of snow in one go, surpassing the previous all-time 15.3-inch record in 1910, and the March record of 9.6 inches in 1906"... "95% of flights cancelled"... Crazy, crazy, crazy:

We decided that the best thing to do would be for me to stay at a hotel (even though I was about an hour from home on a good day!) My Vassar friend's parents drove me to the hotel, where I lounged around sexily on the hotel bed, blowing my nose and coughing and making a few phone calls/texts. Then the blizzard where I was staying moved from a level 2 up to level 3, meaning that everywhere from me to home it was illegal to drive. I went down to the lobby where they had set up some things from the breakfast since no one could leave the hotel, and I had some pb&j and hot chocolate plus a Vassar apple later.

So I ended up staying alone in a hotel for the first time. Believe it or not, it was actually really fun. I felt guilty enjoying myself since a hotel obviously isn't free and since I wasn't HOME enjoying myself, but... It was kind of like riding an airplane my first time alone, except that I was super-independent in every way. I went to bed fairly early being sick and all and I slept away a lot of the afternoon/evening, but it was still really fun. I'd do it again, actually.

This morning I woke up, called my parents (they were already en route), got dressed and had some hotel breakfast (yay bagels!) and then they came. Now I'm finally home after what should have felt like more of a struggle, I think.

I'd say that now my break can start, but I think it already has... And what happens on spring break stays on spring break, right? (Just kidding.)

I hope you all are relaxing at home and enjoying good food, company, and all that goes with it!

Once Upon a Time...

...there was a boy. This boy had to get home by train. So, he got a ticket for the 3:07 Amtrak to Buffalo-Depew. He boarded the train at 3:07, and arrived at his destination at approximately six and one-half hours later, exactly on time. And he lived happily ever after.

THIS is NOT what happened on Friday. Almost the polar opposite, in fact. I'll try to keep it short and sweet.

I got on the train at 3:07; the train pulled into Albany at approximately 4:25. At that point, we stayed at the station for a half-hour so one of the engines (we had 2 on front and 1 on back) could be switched out. We departed at approx. 5:00.

We chugged onwards, only noticing as we came close to Rome that a funky smell, almost like crap was diffusing throughout the train. Upon inspection at Rome station, it was determined that one of the wheels on the very front engine had jammed and wasn't working, causing the horrid smell. It was also determined that the engine would have to be detached, and that this could only be done at a point that was two-and-a-half miles BEHIND US. In addition to this, one of the conductors had to get out to watch the wheel to be sure nothing else happened as we were backing up, so we went back 2-1/2 miles WALKING SPEED. It took 1.5 HOURS.

After safely detaching the engine, we chugged back into Rome, where it was announced that it would be faster to board another train going in the same direction. This train was sold out; yet we had no choice. So everyone got off the train and boarded the other train. We were delayed by another 1/2 hour waiting for a train ahead of us to depart the Syracuse station.

I got into Buffalo-Depew at 1:30 a.m. I had a lovely TEN HOUR train ride. I hope your journey was better. It wouldn't take much.


P.S.: Vid I Just Saw And Had To Share:


Home is Where the Bed Is

I’m home! It is really wonderful. Long drive home, but somewhat scenic, which was nice. We also discovered that Super 8 motels provide free internet. Useful, right?

I got home yesterday evening, with two of my lovely Lathrop friends, one of whom is staying with me. It’s really werid to see your college friends in your house. But also really nice A mixing of your different worlds.

I have now slept for 13 hours. Proof at just how much midterms wore me out. Are any of you home? Do you enjoy snuggling up in your bed for more than half a day? I know I do! I don’t have much else to add, because all I’ve done is sleep….not that I’m complaining!

I hope you all have a fantastic break. See you in 2 weeks! But I will keep you posted on my oh-so exciting home life, never fear.



every dawn gets its day

if i wasn't so exhausted, i would try to spark more chatter like with my last post. but i'm in my room that i haven't been in since january second listening to my favorite band the matches' new album "a band in hope" (say it out loud for the full effect) and i can't remember the last time i was this content. i've been happy the past months, but not necessarily content. watched by all the pictures of my walls, i'm letting a string of aborted ideas run through my mind, trying to decide what to write to the general vassar community. and i have nothing to say except that don't take any moment for granted because you don't know what pitch life is going to throw you next.


A Lack of Consequence

The most important thing I've learned this semester -- well, it's less of a "learned" and more of a "realized." But I realized when it comes to the "VC weekend activities," I need to stop messing around. With everything. I have a history of alcoholism on both sides of my family. I have a textbook "addictive personality." I have a disturbingly negative body image. This school is offering me too many ways to fully fuck up my life -- I know perfectly well that the day someone lets me do coke, I'm gone. I know what it does to you. Makes you skinny, makes you get things done. But I haven't touched it. I know not to. I keep track of what I drink; I've never blacked out. But a year ago, I had never thrown up from drinking; it's not an uncommon occurrence nowadays. It seems like a slippery slope.

And that other seedy underbelly of Vassar life -- the "hookup culture." If I've learned anything this year, it's that this is NOT FOR ME. It makes the most beautiful things in life meaningless. I want to know that when someone looks me in the eye and tells me not to go, they mean it, and they don't just mean it because they want "some." Knowing that there is more than one guy out there who has seen too much of me, who goes back and talks with their friends about what I'm good at and what I'm not, is more degrading than I ever could have imagined. I don't want to be talked about like an object. I'm not an object. I'm a lady.

It scares me that all of this is so prevalent.
And it scares me even more that the second I'm back, I'll be doing all of it all over again.




FOUR of our polls closed yesterday!

FlyPeople Mug Night Results:
37% YAY
4% NAY

The Heaven & Hell results are intriguing:

Hell was by far the most popular, with 45% of respondents YAYing, and 17% NAYing. Heaven was the second highest for the event, but still got horrible results: 10% YAY, 23% NAY. 65% DIDN'T GO. Purgatory was by far the least liked of the three, with ZERO PERCENT YAY, 27% NAY, and 72% DIDN'T GO.

Our new poll is now active! What are your plans for Spring Break?

Have a wonderful two weeks off! I leave tomorrow afternoon!

Questions to Get Your Mind Churning!

Ciao ciao ciao ciao ciao ciao a tutti! Come stai? Hello everyone! How are you? So unfortunately I have not a story for you but I thought I would pose some questions to get you thinking about STUFF! and yes, at the end, we'll have some sexy time.

1. Why is it called Alcoholics Anonymous when the first thing you do is stand up and say, 'My name is Bob, and I am an alcoholic'?

2. Who was the first person to look at a cow and say, 'I think I'll squeeze these dangly things here and drink whatever comes out'?

3. Why do people point to their wrist when asking for the time, but don't point to their crotch when they ask where the bathroom is?

4. If quizzes are quizzical, what are tests?

5. If corn oil is made from corn, and vegetable oil is made from vegetables, then what is baby oil made from?

6. Do illiterate people get the full effect of Alphabet Soup?

7. Why is lemon juice made with artificial flavor and dishwashing liquid made with real lemons?

8. You know that indestructible black box that is used on airplanes? Why don't they make the whole plane out of it?

9. Why do they put Braille dots on the keypad of a drive-up ATM?

10. Is the main reason Santa is so jolly is because he knows where all the bad girls live?

---An adulterous Greek male was sometimes punished by the removal of his pubic hair and the insertion of a large radish into his rectum. OUCH!!!!!!
---Sex burns 360 calories per hour. Well, OK, really it depends on your weight, but still...
---Women who read romance novels have sex twice as often as those who don't. Start readin', ladies. And come to TwatChat. We have a romance novel library/collection now!
---The average amount of time spent kissing for a person in a lifetime is 20,160 minutes. SWEET!

I hope you allllll have a wonderful spring break! I know I will! Be safe! Have fun!
Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today! (Ya, James Dean was a fox!)

Pace e molto amore,

The Little Existentialist Post That Could...(?)

I'm back! I know, I know... I didn't post anything last week... but I hope that the other RayRay correspondent's amazing post, as well as my comments on other posts kinda made up for it.

This little phenomenon I call midterms week is ever so amusing: everybody acts strange, the goth style takes over (dark circles under the eyes) and chocolate and coffee are required for survival. Ahhh....college. But now...onto the important stuff...

Some time ago I read a comment by one of our readers saying that it would be interesting for us to write about the negative aspects of our experience here at Vassar... Controversy? Of course I'll jump right in! So here we go.

First of all let me state that I do believe that Vassar is the right place for me to be in. I am more than sure that I made the right choice. That, however, does not mean that I'm a 100% satisfied with how things are going. Personally, I need more. I still feel kinda lost somehow. Here's the deal: I know exactly what I want to do with my life (and I'm following that path) and I know the type of person I want to become. Also, I take Carpe Diem really seriously and try to make the most out of everything. Result so far? I'm not satisfied. Don't misinterpret me: I love the people I've met at Vassar and I know that I will meet more and more interesting human beings. But...I feel like I'm not fully myself, there are some aspects that are somehow dormant in me. Back home I felt completely in control. Even when there were conflicts or when I was confused, deep down everything felt right. I was fully the person I wanted to be with my friends. I experienced wonderful things with them and they taught me things I never would have imagined. Here, although I am very grateful for all I have lived, I feel like something is missing...what people keep telling me is that, believe it or not, I'm still adapting, and I think it's true... we never cease to adapt...specially at this age. I also think back and remember all the time it took me to reach that point with my friends back home...a whole lot. I think that if I feel the urge to do the things I'm "missing", I should just do them and be satisfied. MUCH easier said than done. I'm human...of course I'm afraid.

Still...something inside of me keeps telling me to hang in there. My hope is way too strong for my own good (LOL). Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed my little existentialist contribution this week.

Lots of love and chocolate,


Project Runway!

Tonight's the night peeps!
We will find out who wins! Will it be Rami, Jillian or Christian??
Drop your bags, put your laptops to sleep, throw your books and RUN to the nearest TV. If there's someone watching some artsy movie, KICK THEM OUT and tune in to Bravo at 10pm!!!!!

My Take: I REALLY hope Rami does NOT win. I will literally throw something at the TV or hurt one of my co-viewers if that happens. My favourite is Christian (f-ing fierce), but if Jillian wins, at least she's very talented. What do YOU think?

btw, interested in a VERY funny take and live-blogging for Project Runway? Go to http://projectrungay.blogspot.com/ it's hilarious, have fun pple!


Wish I Hadn't Lost That Other Umbrella

My $5 Target umbrella flipped inside-out this morning. It was a) embarrassing and b) inconvenient. Damn you, weather!

On another note, I was walking back from Rite-Aid this afternoon and an old man stopped me, complimented my boots and scarf, and then ripped two pages of poetry he had written from his notebook and gave them to me. My personal favorite:

“’My Part-Time Sort-Of Girlfriend’
Likes girls and fellas,
I’m not sure if
I flipped ‘er or what,

She says, aw,
Billy, you’re so
Tender & gentle
& sensitive,
Yer like David Bowie.
& I’m like, yeah,
Well, thanks a lot, bitch!

Naw, I know
She meant it
as a compliment”

Nothing better than a chance encounter with a homeless budding poet on the streets of Poughkeepsie to brighten a rainy, inside-out umbrella kind of day.



RANDY COHEN, New York Times columnist and Emmy winner, has been chosen as the 2008 Commencement speaker.

According to the Misc:

"Best known for his New York Times Sunday Magazine column 'The Ethicist,' Cohen is the recipient of four Emmy awards, three of which were for work with the Late Night with David Letterman show."

Full story here.

SPRiNKLES's Take: Though I won't be here for commencement, I think it's a great choice for two reasons: He's funny, and he has very interesting opinions. Gail Collins (former NY Times editorial chief) gave a speech earlier this year (the Alex Krieger memorial lecturer), and it was both hilarious and insightful. Hopefully, Cohen's will prove to be the same.


Hope mid-terms are not torturing you...too much.

Today I have TONS of things to say, but i have to keep it short (you have that paper to go back to, remember?), so I'll bullet point-it.

- The president of my country (Venezuela) decided to send the army and armoured units to the border with Colombia. He then proceeded to tell the Ecuadorian president to "do the same". Which he did. I strongly disagree with the policies of the president, but a WAR? SERIOUSLY? Ok, I highly doubt we are going to war, but still...these are not games duuuude. Anyway, just keeping you updated on the happenings of Latin America, if you care... Comments? Suggestions?

- Spring Break in the city? I recommend seeing "Fuerza Bruta", an acrobatics/experimental performance by an Argentinian group that could be describes as Cirque Du Soleil on crack. It's AMAZING. There are people hanging from the ceiling, you don't get to seat (because they move you around the stage), and there's a 70x30 feet pool suspended from the ceiling above you, dancers are inside it, and it slowly (but scarily surely) goes down towards you, until you can touch it. WUN-DUR-FUL

- I recommend checking out this french photographer, he has very very interesting stuff going on. http://www.adriendonot.com/

Ciao Ciao, have an amazing Spring Break-o