VSA v. Frisbee Team

Um, when is it ever okay to take $3,000 from an organization's budget? If you guys weren't aware, the Frisbee team just got fined that much for drinking beer at practice. They've had beer practices ever since the team started and the VSA chooses NOW to discipline them? I'm not the on the Frisbee team and have never wanted to be. In fact, they kind of get annoying sometimes at parties. But as a treasurer for a VSA org, this makes me sick. I can't imagine losing 40% of the budget to one of my orgs and somehow figuring out how to still do everything that we wanted to do.

Even if the Frisbee team doesn't always portray the best image for Vassar, they get our name out there. Their budget is used primarily for gas and for ultimate frisbee conferences. Without that money, they can't meet their central goals as an organization. The VSA expects them to fundraise in order to get the money back. Umm, who ever knows of a way to raise three grand, let me know!! I don't know why the VSA has suddenly chosen to crack down on the Frisbee team, and I'm not saying that they shouldn't. The team was indeed in violation of underage drinking and all types of offenses. But to take that much money out...to take away their ability to work for their mission statement as an organization...it's a bit harsh.


Mat Leonard said...

Yeah, you have really heard a distorted version of this. Alright, last year during Annual Budgeting the VSA decided to not fund Frisbee for their annual trip to Georgia. They then informed Frisbee that if they exhibited good behavior that amount ($3,000) would be given back to them during supplemental budgeting. This amount was indeed returned this past round of supplemental budgeting.

The money was given with the understanding that the team would be making positive changes to improve there image. Unfortunately, later that week 20 students were written up at a Beer Practice. In addition that week and article appeared in the Cornell Daily Sun which read:

"At Vassar College, one student said that the freshmen and sophomores on the Frisbee team are responsible for “guest swiping upperclassmen [and helping them steal] bagels and other food with Tupperware … in exchange for alcohol.”"

With these events in mind, the council decided to remove the $3,000 that had been given to Frisbee for their trip. This still left them with a budget of $9,000 more than enough to fulfill their mission statements for the rest of the year. In addition, they were told that, with continued good behavior, they would be able to get the money back through special purpose funds. They broke their promise to the VSA, the VSA called them out on it.

I see nothing wrong with this, as they will be given the opportunity to gain their money back. As someone pointed out in council, any other organization would have faced penalties or decertification long ago.

Anonymous said...

people at this school really do not like discipline and facing the consequences of their actions.

BoneFish said...

You're right, I didn't know everything that had been going on. Thanks for informing me. I had browsed the article in the Misc on this issue, but this opinions piece was mostly based on my conversation with a friend of mine on the team. And from shock of being a treasurer and imagining that happening to my own org's budgets. As far as behavior and taking responsibility for their actions, I agree that they need to be punished. I guess they're taking it hard and I have to feel a little bad for them.

Anonymous said...

Ditto to what Mat said. Also, VSA as much as told the Frisbee team that it would not be surprising if they applied to some of the VSA funds.

And, need a way to raise $3K? The rowing team has raised over $5K in just over two days. If any student group is desperate for funds, they just need to get the information out about why they need the funds and ask. Enough people on campus (and off) really appreciate what the Ultimate Frisbee team usually does for the campus image (teams that host them often remark that they have great spirit and that they show a great sense of sportsmanship) that they would at least help out a little.