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Missing the Backpage Less and Less

At the beginning of the year, I was right out plucked with the omission of my favorite part of the Misc: the Backpage. It was always funny. Always insightful. And it was always the first part of the paper that I read. I thought the Misc would never be the same without it. But I was wrong. And I'm so happy that the Humor & Satire section of the paper is doing so well. I really enjoy it!

Take the issue that came out today. The piece on "hidden gem" classes was very good. And I like that someone is still making the calender (especially with the Lady Gaga jokes today). I don't always get the cartoon...sometimes it's a little too New Yorker for me..but I understood today's! And the piece by the kid with the light-up shoes is a nice ongoing drama. Those writers have really stepped up to fill in the void left by the Backpage. So to the Misc: Nice job!

Also, I LOVE the crossword puzzle. I'm usually really horrible at them. I like that someone is writing puzzles that an average college student can get. I'm too dumb for any puzzles in most newspapers. And I'm not saying that the Misc's puzzle is too dumb-downed or anything. I truly appreciate a puzzle with clues and references that I get like 90s cartoons, Monty Python, and song titles.

In summary: The Misc has pleasantly surprised me despite my horror at the beginning of this semester with the death of the Backpage. I barely even miss it anymore :)

God Bless Chili Day

Has the Retreat chili gotten better? Or has it just been that long since I've had it? Either way, my dinner tonight was DELICIOUS! First, I was so impressed at how my entire plate was filled with long grain rice and a huge serving of vegetarian chili on top (I'm not a fan of beef). In the chili, were all types of veggies from onions, carrots, peppers, squash, beans, and so much more. Seriously, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. I sprinkled some cheese on it from the salad bar and it was complete and perfect. I always thought my Dad makes a good chili. I might have to give him a few pointers from tonight's meal...

I don't usually think too much about the food here on campus. In fact, I try not to think of it at all. But tonight was exceptional! Kudos to the Retreat chefs!

I will add though, kind of miss it being served in a bread bowl. Any chance of getting that back? I mean who doesn't love being able to eat the dish their food was served in? I do!


The PoTown PoPo?

So what's a good general reaction for the newest addition to what we have to look out for on the weekends: the Poughkeepsie Police. I've always had the philosophy that if you're doing nothing wrong, you have nothing be to afraid of. But, as the semester gets more and more stressful and I make more and more bad decisions, I might have something to be afraid of. I became a little uneasy this weekend when I saw a cop car cruising near Main. I've gotten over being nervous about security but this was a whole new feeling of "oh shit."

I know it's been said that the police are not here to bust us for underage drinking and what not. They're here to keep us safe and keep all the booty-grabbers off campus. But I have to imagine that they have a responsibility to react if they see someone breaking the law. Will they do something if they see blatant underage drinking or someone supplying alcohol to minors? What will they do if they start to smell pot over by Sunset Lake? In the real world, we'd be arrested. Vassar has a nice bubble that keeps us from getting into too much trouble. But now the real world has entered Vassar and what's going to happen?

I guess my biggest question is how will the responsibilities be shared between the police and security? Are students going to have any interaction with the police at all? We should always be responsible for our actions. And despite our frustration on a Thursday night when we have a test in the morning and there are loud drunks outside of our window, no one wants to see a fellow Vassar student get arrested. Maybe we should all act a little smarter when we're outside as to not draw attention. Well, we're supposed to be doing that anyway to avoid security. But maybe be should think about doing it more now that the consequences of our behavior could be a lot harsher.

Current Obsessions

This is a bit old, but a rapper known as No Fixed Abode or Nfa and the late Heath Ledger were childhood friends. And Heath directed this music video for the song "Cause and Effect" soon before he died. It was released at the end of October and I can't stop watching it, I think the visual effects are amazing:

On another note, Lady Gaga. I. Cannot. Get. Bad Romance. Out of my head. So here's the video. Love the costumes. And her huge eyes in the bathtub. And the choreography. And her in general.

And there's what I'm watching instead of doing homework...


What a Kid...

Wow, I wish I was this brave when I was 10 years old...

How awesome! If I were his Dad, I would be so proud. And Will is right, there isn't "liberty and justice" for all. I wish more kids, and adults even, would take a stand like this for what they believe in.

Another Reason Why I Love Vassar

Halloween at Vassar is so wonderful. 

It's creative.  And it's fun.  I don't know about you guys, but it seems that Halloween at a lot of other schools are all about, oh how did Mean Girls put it?  Oh yes, "Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it".  Underwear, corsets, and animal ears.  Right.  But I feel like for the most part, Vassar isn't like that.  People put a lot of effort and creativity into their outfits!  Just this year, there was a Golden Snitch, Fredian Slips, Rock Paper Scissors, an Ink Blot Test, so many Clue groups, and Kiwi birds.  In past years, I remember Carboard Box Transformers, Mutant Ninja Turtles, Awkward Turtles, Tickle-Me-Elmo, Gay Dumbledores, and the list goes on and on.  Halloween at Vassar makes me proud of my school.  So Kudos!

And yeah, I know this is a bit late, but I was just telling an old high school friend of mine why I chose Vassar and why I love it.  And my Halloween memories all resurfaced and it made me happy :)

Implications of Two Lost Dogs

My heart broke in two when I read that email from Dean Roellke the other day. I can't imagine losing two, or even one, of my pets. I am a huge animal lover and I can't imagine how scared I would be if one of my pets from home ran away. Where are they? What's happened to them? Has someone else taken them? Oh my gosh. How awful.

I think everyone on campus (well, I hope) wants to see the return of Roellke's smaller dog. But from conversation with my friends, some people are questioning the use of the campus-wide email for a personal affair. I, personally, don't mind. After that email came out, I kept an eye out for any stranded-looking dogs. But should the power to reach the entire campus really be used for looking for two dogs? Is it really appropriate? I think it was basically an electronic version of a poster stapled to a lamp post. Its function became much more popularized and got out to a lot more people. Is this right? I'm conflicted. I think for the circumstances of two lost dogs, it's reasonable. But it could be viewed as taking advantage of some power.

My biggest question is this: if I, say, lost my rabbit, could I get a campus-wide email sent out? Are we going to make a hierarchy of pet-worth? Is this type of email unprecedented because not many students have cats or dogs that get lost? Also, in the most technical and literal terms, a computer is worth more than a pet. Yet I doubt administration would let us use a mass-email to tell everyone that we lost our computer. Or a camera..or car keys..or anything else really valuable. But maybe the Dean's email will change things. Maybe the Vassar community will realize the worth of sending campus-wide emails for urgent means. As long as our inboxes don't get too flooded...hmm. Either way, I hope Dean Roellke finds Gullaby!!


Students v. The Mug

In the real world, in a real bar, if you broke a bar tab, you would be thrown out. Literally. Thrown. Out. By a huge guy ten times your size with sunglasses and an attitude that would put Mr. T to shame. There's no excuse for that kind of behavior in a public area. It's stealing, it's rude, and it's selfish. Whoever did that in the mug last weekend should have had to deal with security and been on the mug's most wanted list for the rest of the semester. But was it just cause for closing the entire mug? After all the money and work that went into 2011's mug night? I don't think so...

I understand that the mug reserves the right to close blah blah blah. But respect goes both ways. One student disrespected the bartender. So they should be kicked out. And maybe the bar can be closed for the rest of the night. And maybe charge 2011 for the clean up of all the spilled beer. But ruin the entire evening (and still probably charge 2011 for the clean up)? There were DJs who prepared for the night. This was a big event for the junior class. And we need events like this...those of us who are left need to unite!! I don't want to say the bartender wasn't respectful of the mug-goers, but he did overreact a bit in my opinion. In the future, if this happens again, I hope administration or whoever is in charge of the mug will consider the organization that goes into a mug night and won't just scrap it. And I don't blame Betty in any of this. We all know that she was just waiting to get her Betty-Boogie on...

VSA v. Frisbee Team

Um, when is it ever okay to take $3,000 from an organization's budget? If you guys weren't aware, the Frisbee team just got fined that much for drinking beer at practice. They've had beer practices ever since the team started and the VSA chooses NOW to discipline them? I'm not the on the Frisbee team and have never wanted to be. In fact, they kind of get annoying sometimes at parties. But as a treasurer for a VSA org, this makes me sick. I can't imagine losing 40% of the budget to one of my orgs and somehow figuring out how to still do everything that we wanted to do.

Even if the Frisbee team doesn't always portray the best image for Vassar, they get our name out there. Their budget is used primarily for gas and for ultimate frisbee conferences. Without that money, they can't meet their central goals as an organization. The VSA expects them to fundraise in order to get the money back. Umm, who ever knows of a way to raise three grand, let me know!! I don't know why the VSA has suddenly chosen to crack down on the Frisbee team, and I'm not saying that they shouldn't. The team was indeed in violation of underage drinking and all types of offenses. But to take that much money out...to take away their ability to work for their mission statement as an organization...it's a bit harsh.



More Lathrop pest control trucks and a pervasive cheese and/or garbage smell near the Retreat entrance of the College Center?



I don't honestly know if I am behind with this video, but it's actually hilarious, so who cares.


Incredibly Beautiful

I came across this video on Facebook and it's truly beautiful:

According to YouTube: "Kseniya Simonova is a Ukrainian artist who just won Ukraine's version of "America's Got Talent." She uses a giant light box, dramatic music, imagination and "sand painting" skills to interpret Germany's invasion and occupation of Ukraine during WWII."



Blast From the Past

A nice couple of guys from the 1989 Vassarion:

Tee hee!


Most Important Lesson for Freshmen

Hey everyone!  Hope your breaks are going great!  This is for all the freshmen who don't know what a hipster is:

Sort of taken from Monty Python's Upper Class Twit of the Year...yay!

Break It Up Now.

Break! Finally!

It's such a relief. I have to say I was getting a little overwhelmed with everything (and anything).

But unfortunately all the bloggers seem to have disappeared because they off doing interesting break activities. I, on the other hand, have all the time in the world, as I am indeed from the West Coast and staying on campus all week (except perhaps a quick foray into NYC).


Common Sense 101: How to Save Money

Hey Vassarians! Tired of seeing the faculty wearing red and protesting? Wish all the economic crisis would go away? Me too! And so would the rest of the college! It's so awful that so many people are losing their jobs. Vassar's backbone of operation are the librarians, the people who clean the dorms, DC workers, and everyone else on the sidelines making our education possible. How many times a day do you rely on them? And in comparison, how many times a day do you rely on a Dean? Or an administrator? Or Cappy? Yes, yes, the college is run by those people. But on a daily, individual basis, your paper gets printed by the guy from CIS who fixes the VPrinter. Or the damn light in your dorm room stops blinking when the people from B&G come to fix it. And the college is repaying them by cutting their jobs. I know a librarian, 2 years away from retirement and paying off her car, who just lost her job. Or another librarian who is losing their home. The buyout isn't quite as nice as it sounds: with all the taxes, a lot of their buyout amounts are less than a year's salary. So here is my advice to Vassar on how to save some money:


Sell the Vatican, Feed the World

Here's a nice video from Sarah Silverman:

She's so right..and so pretty! <3 Sarah Silverman



This is so true and so scary.  Make sure you scroll over the picture to get the rest of the text!

I <3 xkcd

Life Crisis

Oh woe is me, the poor college student.  I want so so many things and just don't have the money for it.  And I've suddenly realized that it's going to be like this for a while.  I mean, it's going to take a really long time for me to make it famous and rich..if I ever do.  Financial stress is such a bitch.

And I want to travel.  SO. BADLY.  And I can't!  Because it's all so damn expensive!  I had plans to go to Montreal for most of October Break and then my textbooks ended up costing almost $700.  So now I'm going home.  Which is fine: I love my parents, love my pets at home, can't wait to visit my friends at their state colleges, etc.  But come on.  I'm 20 years old.  I speak French.  And I should be traveling.  Instead I'm getting an education so that I can make money later.  So that I can travel and have fun later once I've made money.  Basically, I'm just putting off living for later.  I'm in the prime of my life NOW and I want to experience the world NOW.

At the same time, I'm so not ready for the real world.  My parents expect me to go to grad school right after I graduate from Vassar.   But I'm not going to have the pre-reqs for the programs I want.  So it seems like a good idea to go to a state school part time for a semester or two and then get into a big program.  Well..there's the little thing that I won't have health insurance under my parent's plan unless I'm a full time student.  Shit.  Can't even take time off to figure out my life!  And as mature as I try to be and as ready as I am to move away from home, I'm not ready.  My home is the only home I've ever known (along with Vassar).  I'd love to go to grad school out in the NorthWest but will I really be ready to be on my own in less than 2 years?

Anyone else in this situation?  It sucks.  And then my existentialist voice in my head tells me nothing matters anyway.  Sigh...


Well, This is Creepy

Speaking of Halloween...

Taken just moments ago...

Halloween Update

The holiday is certainly sizing up to be THE event to match this year.

Not only is the senior class throwing their usual soiree in the Villard Room from 11 to 2, but as previously mentioned other activities will accompany it this year.

We have exclusive insight into just what those activities might be.

Apparently, several dorms are participating in a campus trick-or-treating event. Chris Roellke, Dean of the College, will once again be contributing money to the residential houses to go towards buying pizza for their inhabitants. Just confirmed is an outdoor BONFIRE on Joss Beach. There will be a film screening in the college center of some spooky movie(s), as well as a costume contest (previously mentioned).

In addition to all the effort the senior class is doing, other orgs are going to be putting on some fun activities as well that weekend:

The TAs will be hosting their own outdoor Halloween party, sans alcohol, that night with baked goods, candy, and music provided by Vassar Teknowledgy. Furthermore, Raymond will of course be hosting their legendary haunted house.



Oh Caribou...

I've just tried the Caribou Coffee drink from the vending machine- normally I am caffeine tolerant, but now I am just weirdly shaky and anxious and feel a little like my internal organs are shivering. Hmm.

Well on a more important note, COCKROACHES have been found in Jewett. Not great amounts apparently, just one or two. People seem, frighteningly enough, relatively unconcerned, but I personally feel that one cockroach is too many cockroaches to ever have to deal with.


I KNOW this is beyond the scope of things relating to "student issues" or "Vassar" in general, but hear me out.

I'm sure that most of us either have a love of Disney or of video games, or (hopefully, like me) both. GameInformer just released their November issue, and the cover is simply epic:

Appropriately, the project is tentatively titled "Epic Mickey" and is slated for an exclusive Wii release sometime in 2010. Color me ridiculously intrigued - I'm surprised Disney's allowing such a dark take on an otherwise happy-go-lucky cartoon character, much less their company mascot. I can't wait to hear/read more about it!

Click on the image to see it bigger, and to read the article that accompanies it, click HERE.



What ARE They Talking About?

“Look at me. LOOK AT ME!”
“Jake, shut up, you’re making a scene!”
“I don’t give a fuck! Why won’t you look at me?!”
“Please, PLEASE just keep your voice down, ok?”
“Ok. Thank you.”
“You’re welcome.”
“I think we should talk about the other night.”


Have you ever gotten the feeling that at just over 2400 people, this campus is just way too small?

Like, I love the fact that I recognize a ton of people on campus, that I can go to the Retreat or the DC at dinnertime (or the library at any time, for that matter) and find people I know that I can sit with.

However, this also makes things a lot harder when it comes to romance. I'm not just talking about the ability to hook up with someone here; that's a whole other bucket of worms. When trysts go wrong - when they're broken up on a bad note - the effects can be wide-reaching, and often unforeseeable. In the past few days, I've seen a former hookup and some of his friends around and said hi to them; they just smile and keep walking. Ouch.

We're all connected here by what I'm sure is fewer than six degrees of separation, and what you say and do can be heard around campus ridiculously quickly.

Who needs Gossip Girl? All you need is a small residential liberal arts college.



It's been one hellofa weekend - Dormal Formal, THs, great times and better memories with friends, and today the Harvest Festival!

I apologize for my lack of posting, but I plan on getting back in on the action soon!

Hope you had a lovely weekend, too!


Quick Intro and Updates

Alright, so I've been slacking, but here I am! So, it's a bit late, but school ALWAYS comes 1st! I'm Dyamond Phillips, a junior from Brooklyn... I realize if I say too much it becomes so EASY to pinpoint me if it already hasn't :). Sorry if you were expecting more from my intro... But this is better than nothing!

Updates:... Angela Davis speaks today... Middle School Mug Nite and Dormal Formal are tonight... And I'm dreading homework that I have due Monday and Tuesday, along with the obscene amount of midterms I have slowly but surely approaching.

Something that calms me down I will share with you guys. Enjoy the weekend!



Some stunning concept art for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was released today, including my favorite, this piece of Dumbledore's funeral, a scene that never made it into the film:


Open Mic Tonight

John Wojcik '11 has emailed us with a request for publicity. We humbly oblige:

After Hours Open Mic is from 8-10pm in the Mug tonight, and performers (of all types) can start signing up at 7:45 pm in the mug for slots.

Guess that leaves out anyone who watches Grey's, huh? ;)


Cray Cray Event News

Blog9 has received word today about some interesting goings-on in the campus parties department.

First and foremost, HALLOWEEN is perhaps the most anticipated event of the semester. Rumor has it that the event this year will be only three hours, from 11pm to 2am. This is largely because the Campus Activities Office and senior class are planning a variety of events before the event (probably from 7 to 11pm) to provide an alternative to students who don't want to indulge in drunkenness. One of the confirmed events is a full-fledged costume contest with legit prizes happening in the North Atrium!

On a more subdued note, it appears that Main's annual fall event since '07 may not be happening this year. Moulin Rouge has been denied approval by the VP for Activities after what is reported to be a logistical nightmare last year. No word on whether or not more meticulous planning will avoid those nightmares this time around, or the event will be scrapped altogether. Spire bets on the latter.

keep it cool, vassar.

UPDATE: It appears that Moulin Rouge may be on after all. We got in touch with the VP for Activities, and he maintains that it was simply a scheduling conflict that prevented Moulin Rouge from getting on the campus calendar, not issues with planning last year.

Those Aren't Leaves Falling...

Today was a bad day for college staff. Numerous people were given pink slips by HR.

So far, we've received confirmations of cuts being made from B&G and the message center. Yes, friends, Cassie has been asked to leave in December. =/

Also of note is that the Assistant Director of Campus Activities position vacated by Megan Habermann in August will not be filled. Instead, Associate Director of Campus Activities, Michelle Ransom, will take on most of Megan's duties, with the remainder of them being taken on by Executive Director of Campus Activities, Terry Quinn.

We haven't heard anything yet regarding cuts for professor positions, if any have been made.

All this is interesting, as it comes after widely-reported news that the worst of the recession is over... Obviously, this isn't true at Vassar.


UPDATE: Cappy just sent out an email about the cuts made today. Departments affected include "the Dean of the College, CIS, Development, AAVC, the Dean of Planning and Academic Affairs, College Relations, and the Vice President for Finance and Administration."

Check your vmail inbox for the full letter.



Wowwwww... The logo of the Brazilian Institute for Oriental Studies:



Today was just mad weird. I just felt this overwhelming burden on my mind all day and I was trying to figure out what it was and I think it's the 10-12 page essay that's looming for my sociology class that I haven't even thought about yet because I spent the entirety of my weekend working on a research paper prospectus for one of my film classes. *breath*

And so I was contemplating this upcoming paper, and I thought to myself... WHY am I in this class. Nothing has stimulated me thus far. The only reason I'm taking it is because I need one last class to fulfill that graduation requirement that says 25% of my classes have to be in a division other than that of my major...

I'm a film/english double major. Taking a 200-level sociology class about health and public policy just seems unnecessary to me in hindsight. And I'm completely detached from the course material... Germ theory is for biology majors. Sorry, but it's true.

Ugh. I need to shoot an email to my advisor. Time to drop this muthafucka.

Hope you are having a lovely Tuesday. If you're not yet, go rawk out to Britney's new single 3. Lovesit.

I KNOW Some of Y'all Have to Be Britney Fans...

Her new single, "3", has been released! Listen HERE:

Happy Tuesday!

P.S. I found a high quality radio rip HERE.


Ode to a Water Fountain

Oh water fountain on the fourth floor of Skinner:
How much I truly love you.
How much I truly appreciate you.
You never disappoint, oh water fountain of mine.

After long rehearsals
Or climbing endless flights of stairs
Or for anyone who ends up on the fourth floor
You are a beacon of refreshment, nourishment and hydration

Always so cold
Always so refreshing
And conveniently placed next to a heater, so in the winter,
I can warm up and drink your ambrosia all at once

As I drink from you, I am surrounded by wonderful music
Choir melodies, virtuostic violin exerpts, or moving jazz beats.
Of course, yours is the most perfect melody.
A mix of clarity, taste, and heaven.

Oh fourth floor water fountain:
I crave your sweet, sweet water.
Oh dearest fountain of perfection,
I wish you were closer to Cushing.

Bad Case of the Mondays?

Spire'll cheer you up.

I'm constantly dumbfounded by the number of people who don't know about Cute Overload. It's this wonderful blog full of pics and vids of really really really cute animals!

Case in point:


Now don't you feel better?


Faculty Commons To Be Converted to Student Study Space

Well this seems a bit ironic...

At today's VSA meeting, Brian Farkas '10, VP for Operations, announced that starting this Friday, October 2nd, the Faculty Commons will become a 24-hour student study space. Students will have V-Card access anytime they want.

Well that's convenient. Especially for us Mainers who just need a quiet place to study. I realize that this is an effort to make up for the spotty library hours (although for the most part those are returning to regular hours next week), but in all seriousness what person from Cushing or Joss is going to walk all the way to the college center just to prop open a book?

I could see this working if this was extended to every dorm on campus, but I have a feeling that those who use the space will be predominantly from Main.

spire ;P

J.K. Rowling is a TEASE!

So about a week ago, beloved author J.K. Rowling set up her own Twitter account. She had this to tweet:

What is she working on?! The long-awaited Harry Potter encyclopedia? Or a new novel? Only time will tell...


Can't WAIT For This!

I'll let the video do the talking for me... I'm buying my tix this week! XD

And What Small Animal Did YOU Eat For Breakfast?

I think I might just have become vegetarian.

I stood in front of it too long taking a picture and now I smell like carcass.
The best part really might be whatever blackened liquid is leaking from the eye area. Delish.

What I'm Listening To: Weekend Edition

Cascada's (of "Everytime We Touch" and "What Hurts the Most" fame) third album was released about a month ago, and I've been kind of reluctant to get it, but I FINALLY did today, and it's a GREAT dance album.

This is definitely not an album for easy listening, but rather for when you're pre-gaming, or just feel like rawking out. This is one of my faves from the album, entitled "What About Me":

Oh, and if you haven't checked out the first single, "Evacuate the Dance Floor," from the album of the same name, DO IT. You deff won't regret it. Keep it sexayyyy.

Mika Comes Out!

In a Dutch gay mag! He actually sounds more pansexual than bisexual... But here's a snippet of the interview:

On his sexuality and labels:

As far as discussing sexuality and gender: listen to my songs. It's everywhere. Sexuality has kind of themed this record, if you have to think about it that way. That's part of growing up. I mean, I've never ever labeled myself. But having said that; Ive never limited my life, I've never limited who I sleep with…So, I don't know. Call me whatever you want. Call me bisexual, if you need a term for me…Apply that to me, if that's what you want. That's as close as I'll get to any label.


Florida State University Students to Get Free Textbooks

Now THIS is interesting...

According to the St. Petersburg Times, Florida state university officials have just announced a program called Orange Grove Texts Plus which aims to reduce or eliminate the cost of textbooks for students.

From the article:
Florida college students can get digital versions of some of those pricey textbooks for free. Students who really want a print version can order one custom-bound for between $30 and $50 — far cheaper than even many used textbooks.

The article goes on to say that there are currently 124 titles in the program, with more being added soon.

This is great news, and I'd like to see something like this done in New York - I know at least personally I don't even bother to buy my books from the campus bookstore anymore - it's just way too expensive. Instead, I just campusbooks.com, which compares the prices of online textbook vendors to find me the lowest price. This semester, I found a $50 book in good used condition for only $6. You won't get deals like that at our bookstore. And then sometimes, the store won't even buy your books back from you at the end of the semester because they're getting in a new edition.

So, what do you think? Would you like to see something similar to this instituted at Vassar?

Just Gonna Throw This Out There...


yeah, i said it.

you wanna fight?


Overheard at Vassar

Drunk fool on his phone outside my window:

"You'll make fun of me, but you won't judge me, right?"

"So like in the event that I got in touch with her, you won't think less of me will you? Cause I kinda already texted her..."

"I mean, a man's got needs, you know?"

"If I just ask her to go down on me, she will."

"I mean, she's very ugly."


2013 Election Results

Courtesy of The Miscellany News:

Admissions and Financial Aid: Aashim Usgaonkar

Committee on College Life: Emily Bernstein

Residential Life Advisory Committee: Fardeen Chowdhury

Judicial Board:
Paul Weinger
Max Frankel
Jordan Miller
Lane Kisonak

Freshman House Representatives:

Strong: Sophia Wasserman

Davison: Cory Epstein

Raymond: Jake Harris

Noyes: Jenna Konstantine

Main: Alexandra Magill

Lathrop: Natalie Allen

Josselyn: Dan Flynn

Jewett: John Lee

Cushing: no one ran.

Freshman Class Council:

Treasurer: Jason Rubin

Secretary: Raffi Kiureghian

Vice Pres: Matthew Horton

President: Eli Berns-Zieve

No matter how old it is (or you are)

Anyone that can cut on ANYONE like this deserves a standing ovation. This was the pleasure of my week last week, and now I share it with you.

I'll be back later.


Sooo all summer long one of my local radio stations was playing THIS DEMO, which they said was Rihanna featuring Lady Gaga. It's an amazingly orgasmic dance song that has lyrics which supposedly refer to Chris Brown. It was really my summer anthem.

Honestly, I cannot believe the number of people who haven't heard it yet (hence this post). HOWEVER, did some digging and it turns out that was all speculation - the song is actually sung by a new Dutch recording artist known as Eva Simons. And if this music video (and the song itself) is any indication, she's going to be H-U-G-E.

Get ready for "Silly Boy":


Four pest control trucks are parked outside Lathrop...

Oh, the jokes I could make...

Girl Talk Profiled in GQ

Girl Talk, whose now-infamous concert in the Villard Room in 2008 prompted new event protocols to be instituted the following year, has been profiled in the latest issue of GQ.

Click to read - but beware - the piece is 10 pages long!

I Don't Even WANNA Know

Light fixture outside my bedroom...

No, But Seriously, Have You Heard?

The recession is over!

Have You ALSO Heard?

Grey's Anatomy returns TONIGHT on ABC!
Strong House is showing the two-hour premiere beginning at 9:00pm!

Have You Heard?

Family Guy returns THIS SUNDAY on FOX.

Poll Results - Weekend of 9/18-9/20


What I'm Listening To

The music of the week for spire is none other than Mika's sophomore album, The Boy Who Knew Too Much.

If you liked Mika's debut, Life in Cartoon Motion, you'll probably LOVE this album. It's a very introspective look at the singer's childhood. The Mika we know and love, euphoric lyrics and soaring choruses, is here and well, but takes a backseat to more emotional, dripping, gouge-your-heart-out slow pieces. I don't want to call them ballads, but quite frankly that's the closest thing to compare them to.

This should give you a feel for the tone of the album -  it's one of my favorite songs from the album, titled "I See You":

P.S. Imogen Heap is featured on one of the songs! LOVESIT!

P.P.S. Have you seen the We Are Golden music video? Hotnessssssss

In One Word: MOVE!

Type in "Sidewalk Etiquette" in a Google search and you'll get tons of blogs, diagrams, and whole mess of bitchfits from people complaining about this common problem.  From cities to colleges to when it snows, it seems a lot of people's pet peeve is rudeness while in transit by foot.  And I am no exception.  I think while this may be a bigger deal in more congested areas, Vassar students need a little crash course in the basics of sidewalk etiquette:

  1. This is America.  As in sorry to anyone who's not used to this, but we travel in the right lane here.  As in please walk on the right of the sidewalk.  If two people are about to pass each other, there is no excuse for there to be any issue if you're both on your respective sides.
  2. Don't cause accidents.  I kind of see sidewalk traffic like vehicle traffic.  If there is traffic coming in the opposite direction, don't pass the slowpoke in front of you.  Passing is allowed, but only when the other lane is clear.  This goes for walkers and bikers.
  3. Don't make me walk on the grassThis is my biggest complaint!  I HATE when there's a group of 3 people or more and they're walking arm to arm across the entire width of the sidewalk.  How am I supposed to walk by you?  Half the time, they just keep in a line and look at you like you're crazy when you want to somehow get by them.  You end up walking in the grass and get your shoes wet/dirty/yuck.  So please, never force anyone to walk on the grass.  For those of you guilty of this, it's common sense to leave some room for opposing traffic.  And if you're going to keep doing this, just wait till they replant the grass on the science quad.  When you force someone to walk into the yellow rope, you'll look like the jackass that you are.
  4. Crutches and wheelchairs have priority.  Dude.  If there is someone in crutches or in a wheelchair on the sidewalk, GIVE THEM SPACE!  DO NOT force someone like that onto the grass.  Bikes are not an exception to this rule unless its disgustingly muddy out.  Bikes can pass all they want and go on the grass to bypass all the walker.  But crutches and wheelchairs take priority for staying on the sidewalk.  If you need to walk on the grass to let them get by, do it.
That's it for my bitchfit.  For more info, see this website for everything you need to know about proper sidewalk behavior.


The Kanye train keeps chugging along...

Btw, Entertainment Weekly recently did an online poll: "Should Kanye be forgiven?" A whopping NINETY-THREE percent of respondents said NO.

Shoulda Seen It Coming

Stephenie Meyer fans, another reason to rejoice!

Comingsoon.net is reporting that The Host has been picked up by producers Nick Wechsler, Steve and Paula Mae Schwartz to be made into a full-length feature film!

This is sort of a no-brainer after the success of the Twilight films, but The Host is a very different book from those... I found myself unable to get into it until the last 200 pages, but now I can't wait for a sequel. It's a really deep inquiry into what it means to be human, something that's rather unexpected after the fantastical tweenie girl appeal of Twilight.

Meyer plans on making a whole series of "Host" books, so maybe this just means another multi-million dollar payout for the Mormon housewife and author.

What do you think of this move, Meyer fans??

Yes, I am a Clown.

Sorry for not posting Saturday, our re-launch day. But as any friend of mine knows, I am flaky sometimes. Woot! Well a little about me, I guess:

1. Uh.....I really like jazz
2. Uh.........um.....I like primates and eusocial insects
3. But HATE every other nasty bug
4. seriously, there was one on my pillow yesterday (horror of horrors!) and it kept me up at night.
5. I'm a junior! Yay! or Nay?!

Well, that's me, kind of, ..... I have to go to a piano lesson. What's giong on this weekend, huh? How 'bout dem Yankees?

How are all the Sophomores and Freshmen enjoying the Vassar? I remember my golden youth....I shone like the sun...now, in maturity, I am somber.


The Phenomenon That's Sweeping the Nation

...and soon the "What the Buck?" show on YouTube...

Meet fatboygetdown...

Words fail...

A Mid-Afternoon Scare

I dunno if you happened to be in Blodgett, Kenyon, or Cushing about an hour ago, but if you were, you'll know exactly what this post pertains to.

At about 3:45 today, while in my 3rd floor class in Blodgett, we (the class) heard a male voice shouting at the top of its lungs for help. We laughed it off, but the shouting persisted, and so our professor went to the window, where she gasped and said that it looked as if someone had been hit by a security vehicle.

The irony of such a statement, and I assume nerves, made us all laugh a little more.

Fortunately, it turns out that security had NOT hit anyone, but that the student had been skateboarding and fallen, and apparently had broken bone(s) in the process. An ambulance arrived promptly on the scene. The kid's going to be ok. Yay!

And It Doesn't Stop...

Hey there, I'm Dyamond Phillips! I'm one of the originals, and you'll be able to easily pick me out in the crowd because I'll be the one posting once a week. And I'm kind of a nitpick about things here at Vassar. Remember, we're all here to have fun! This is just my short intro, but there will definitely be more from me in the future.


The Dizzy Limit

Well, I'm not good at introductions, but I am indeed the (presumably) newest addition to Blog 9. Not too sure what a first post should entail, so we'll just go with the good ole (as well as awkward?) online dating profile.

Myself: a Vassar student ( may/may not be freshman...) from the West Coast (NorCal) with some experience in subjecting people to my wearisome ramblings.

You: A life-loving, blog-reading individual with varied interests (and personalities) who, in best case scenario enjoys procrastination, good literature, better music, Frasier and other quality television, astronomy, all things nerdy, long walks on the beach and dinners by candlelight.

Right, so hopefully the more mysterious bits of myself will be slowly revealed in a strange personality type strip-tease through posting. Was that a strange metaphor? Probably. That is one thing you should know now, metaphors are certainly not my forté.

Alright that's enough revealing (revelation?) for now. I am also currently lacking the page jump ability so I'll keep this first post short. I am off to complete a certain daunting research paper and perhaps sleep.

GRIZZLY BEAR to Be On "New Moon" Soundtrack

Another reason (or not?) to look forward to Grizzly Bear's performance on campus!

According to StephenieMeyer.com, the band will have a track titled "Slow Life" on the Twilight Saga: New Moon soundtrack!

It remains to be seen whether their song will actually be in the feature film.


Cute Overload: Vassar Edition

I spotted this adorable groundhog just outside of Skinner Hall the other day!

Do you have pictures of cute animals around Vassar? Send them to lifeinthe9@gmail.com!


What a day

I dunno where my compatriots are but I'm just completely DRAINED.

I'm finally done with classes so I can take a (brief) breath of air, but then it's on to homework. Junior year is so funnnn haha


This is IT!


Get out and enjoy it while you can!

Bring sunscreen and coconut oil and lay out on the Quad one last time!


VSA Talks About Points

And not meal points, folks.

As you may know, Sunday night means VSA meeting night, and one of the most interesting things that arose from it was the introduction of a draft (read: not final) version of a Security proposal that suggests the college move towards instituting a disciplinary points system.

If this proposal were to be adopted by the college, a student found responsible for an infraction of college regulations would be assigned a number of points relative to the severity of the infraction. Get 6 points, and you are put on probation and referred to the dean of the college; 10 and you are "temporarily separated" from the college.

One of the things VSA council debated was whether or not this should pertain to strictly alcohol- and drug-related infractions, though upon taking an informal vote, the council supports working towards a disciplinary point system 19 to 5.

What do YOU think?

Back!... not quite

Hey readers! I was really happy I could contribute to Blog 9 once more! I think it's a great way for the Vassar community to interact. However, this semester I am abroad and will not quite be a part of the Vassar community... not physically at least!

Still, I am happy to provide a taste of Internationalism by reporting to you from Scotland!

So I got to my dorm and decided to keep a smile on my face despite all the changes I'm facing. Let's start with the room: pretty nice, good size, there's a sink right next to the desk... pretty basic. I mean, to an extent I think having a sink I'm my room is pretty awesome (helpful), but the fact that it has two faucets (one for cold water and one for hot water) seems rather... impractical. Regardless, I like it. What I'm not so fond of is the cubicle shower with no windows in it.... claustrophobia much? Not to mention that my dorm is pretty far away from the main buildings in the college. People in the So-Cos would not complain about the distance if they saw it.

Still! I am really enjoying all the quirky aspects of the University, along with the fact that every day there are multiple pub crawls... Will keep you posted!

You're WHAT?

Maybe it's just because I have both a ridiculously high work ethic AND I really like shopping for new things to amuse me (video games, music, books, movies, etc.), but I can never understand it when I log onto Facebook or Twitter and my friend's statuses say they're bored.

Like, go out and do something with your life!

Join a club, go see a movie, go find some friends to hang out with! Better yet, get off your ass and exercise! Sitting in front of a computer whining about how you're bored won't solve anything!


Bored isn't even a word in my vocabulary. I'm too busy with school and life that I have no time to be bored. Blargh.


More LOLs

The whole Taylor Swift/Kanye West debacle (or rather, the jokes that were born from it) will NEVER get old:


Hey Single Ladies...

This is a real personal from Craigslist... (emphasis added by spire)
N.B.: This is much more hilarious when read out loud with friends.

Local 30s Vassar grad seeks cool Vassar gal (Poughkeepsie)

I am an active, well spoken, single Vassar alumn in my 30s, my degree is in Psych. I am 5-9, on the muscular side, Irish/English and Spanish/Asian, dark hair, white complexion, slightly exotic looking. I dress in casual or sporty un-ostentious clothes, cargoes and trailrunners, that sort of thing. 

I enjoy going to the gym, martial arts, holistic health, reading, “classic” movies and music of the 70-90s, games, local pubs, and socializing with interesting considerate attractive people who have a clue. My personality is confident, casual, quiet but occasionally outgoing if I like you. I try to be an intense person with some depth and substance to me. I would say I am an idea person, I enjoy theories, but have pretty decent physical and social sides too. I don’t drink or use any drugs personally but I’m not overly judgmental about them.

Mainly what I have to offer is being an interesting, understanding, unconventional, reliable casual yet intense guy with a nicely functional brain. 

ABC's "Modern Family": Good, Not Great

So I recently opened my VMail to find an invite to see the entire first episode of Modern Family, a new sitcom on ABC before it actually premieres on Wednesday night. I watched it last night.

This is your typical family ensemble-cast sitcom that focuses on three separate families. One is a big white upper-middle-class white family. One is a multiethnic family - the step-father is white, the mother Hispanic, and they take care of one pudgy little boy with an obsession with girls 5 years his senior. Finally, one is a gay couple who've just adopted a little girl from Vietnam.

The series is shot in an Office style: there's a shaky cam which follows the protagonists around, with intermittent "interviews" with them in which they speak directly to the camera.

The problem with the episode (and if it's any indicator, the series) is that everything's been done before. The fifteen-year-old who brings home the senior to watch movies on her bed with her, and the mother who panics about this. The father who tries too hard to be cool in front of his kids. The know-it-all 9-year-old. The older man with a beautiful younger wife. Heck, even the gay jokes have been done before.

Vassar Chic?

Seriously girl, get in touch with Contrast.

Who Doesn't Like Saving Money?

spire and AE know you do.

Enter their sweeps to win a whole YEAR of AE jeans, and at the end get a 15% off coupon good on an entire purchase on AE.com.

A chance to win a shitload of jeans AND money off your next purchase? Lovesit.

BoneFish Checking In

Hey everyone!  I'm Bonefish and am new to the blog!  But excited to be involved!  And really excited for its relaunch!

So about me:  I'm a junior... I live in Cushing... I am not going abroad... and that's okay.  Those are the important things, right?

And yeah, I'll be writing about once a week.  And I'll probably just write about whatever's on my mind or what I feel is important for the moment.  Plus videos. Lots and lots of funny videos.

I remember when Blog9 first came out, all the bloggers made a haiku.  So to be true to the blog's roots, here it goes:

Bonefish Grill is good.
But hey, I've never been there.
Name stands for something!


Jaw Just Dropped

This is amazing. Kelly Clarkson did an acoustic cover of Miley Cyrus's "The Climb." Here's the vid: (oh, and apologies to those of you who aren't Miley fans. =P)

Sick of Windows Vista?

Here's a really sweet deal for all you students out there who are still griping about the Vista "experience."

Starting this past Thursday, Microsoft is offering the upgrade to Windows 7 to students for a mere $29.99. That's the SAME price as the upgrade to Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

I'd hop on board this bandwagon while it lasts - the offer expires in January, and then the price goes up to a whopping $119.99.

Just go to win741.com to get started.

Welcome to the Jungle TONIGHT

VP of Lathrop, Hilary Tandy '12, just sent us this message regarding their UpC party, Welcome to the Jungle:

Welcome to the Jungle is a villard-room-style dance party but with an element of sustainability (Vassar Greens)! It's an opportunity for everyone to release their inner animal and get back in touch with mother nature! some food and drink will be provided. And (it should be noted) one of our own is doing the DJing (he's totally AWESOME)!

"Get back in touch with mother nature?" In UpC? This sounds suspiciously like that "Forces of Nature" party Strong threw last year...

Jewett is also a cosponsor of this event.

No, Seriously


I'm really really REALLY sorry that on this first glorious day of Blog9's relaunch I have to have a bitch fit about something, but this is something that's irked me for awhile.

I love how friendly (most) people at Vassar are. I really do. But when I'm FIFTEEN feet (I do not exaggerate) behind you, and you hold the door open for me, that's kind of ridiculous. It's already happened to me several times this semester.

And then I feel all awkward because I'm not exactly sure what you want out of me - my "thank you" just doesn't seem like enough appreciation for such a gesture. Like, do you want to be friends? Besties? Do you need someone to talk to? Because me catching up to you means I'm probably going to have to follow you for a substantial part of my journey to where I'm going. Better yet, do you want a cookie?

That would be nice. Fuck, I'd hold the door open for you if you were thirty feet away if it meant I got a free Nilda's every time I did it.

Mmmmmm Nilda's....

Full Circle

It's a very interesting thing for this blog to be back up-and-running, and an equally interesting thing to be doing it as a junior.

As you may know, Blog9 closed its doors, supposedly for good, back in fall 08. We felt that we'd become exhausted creatively and that (at least on my end) we'd lost that certain bright-eyed-and-bushy-tailed quality that was necessary to write a blog about life at Vassar. That feeling of fascination, the sense that everything is new and fresh, was essential to Blog9 at its inception. We were, for all intents and purposes, blogging about the opening of a new and exciting chapter in our lives. Once we entered sophomore year, we had a slump.

I felt that Vassar was just a place where I live and learn things and have fun with friends. I could do that at any school in the country.

And to some extent, that's true. But being involved in student leadership positions over the last year really made me open my eyes to what a gem Vassar really is.

And so when one of my fellow Blog9ers asked me if I'd consider relaunching, I had to do a double take. The time is ripe for a new beginning. We're two years older (and presumably wiser), and we have a better understanding of how life at Vassar works. My word for the year is ZEN. I feel very much at peace with where I am in my life, and I hope that translates into my posts.

Blog9 feels like home to me. It evokes nostalgia for freshman year, which subsequently makes it hard to believe I'm entering the second half of my Vassar career. I hope you make Blog9 your home for the warm fuzzy feelings I get when I write for it, as well as a source for what's up on campus and in the world.

Welcome to the beginning of a new chapter of the story of Blog9.

Lifeinthe9? Huh?

Yeah, so originally the whole "life in the 9" idea was that there are 9 residential buildings (excluding Ferry... oops) on campus, and that there would be at least one Blog9er in each...

That's not true anymore and we just kept the lifeinthe9 url because we liked the old site and didn't want to confuse you, our lovely readers, with another web address change.

This creates a certain problem in that we have an identity that is nonsensical now. Anyone have any ideas what the "9" could mean??

Welcome Back

It's good to be home.

The new version of Blog9 launches right now, and we think it's better than ever. We won't get long-winded - brevity, is after all, the soul of wit - just take some time to snoop around and see what's new.

The thing we love most about it is its mixture of old and new that evokes a sense of familiarity coupled with a certain freshness.

We hope you love it as much as we do.
~The Blog9 Team

P.S. Love it so much you wanna get in on this? Email us at lifeinthe9@gmail.com and we'll hook you up.



'Nuff said.

Ragz ta bitchez.