Missing the Backpage Less and Less

At the beginning of the year, I was right out plucked with the omission of my favorite part of the Misc: the Backpage. It was always funny. Always insightful. And it was always the first part of the paper that I read. I thought the Misc would never be the same without it. But I was wrong. And I'm so happy that the Humor & Satire section of the paper is doing so well. I really enjoy it!

Take the issue that came out today. The piece on "hidden gem" classes was very good. And I like that someone is still making the calender (especially with the Lady Gaga jokes today). I don't always get the cartoon...sometimes it's a little too New Yorker for me..but I understood today's! And the piece by the kid with the light-up shoes is a nice ongoing drama. Those writers have really stepped up to fill in the void left by the Backpage. So to the Misc: Nice job!

Also, I LOVE the crossword puzzle. I'm usually really horrible at them. I like that someone is writing puzzles that an average college student can get. I'm too dumb for any puzzles in most newspapers. And I'm not saying that the Misc's puzzle is too dumb-downed or anything. I truly appreciate a puzzle with clues and references that I get like 90s cartoons, Monty Python, and song titles.

In summary: The Misc has pleasantly surprised me despite my horror at the beginning of this semester with the death of the Backpage. I barely even miss it anymore :)


Laura Riley said...

ehh i think the Misc is really boring now. i appreciate your opinion but I could barely get through that thing that Michael Mestitz wrote. It was so dry. I guess my sense of humor just aligned more with the material from the BackPage. I agree with you about everything else though.

Anonymous said...

The Misc has been a lot better this year. I don't miss the backpage at all -- in fact, it seems like such a remnant of the past at this point. Bonefish, I'm glad that you wrote this post. Sometimes the Misc gets a lot of flak, and I think the editors should hear some words of praise every once and a while. They've been doing a really good job, I think.