Convocation, Freshman 15, and self-exploration through paper- and song-writing

Today I had no classes. I was in the convocation choir, meaning that I had to sit through the entire convocation. The main speaker... Some interesting points, yeah, but SO long! It was pretty insane.

Sam Charner's speech was my favorite because it was the most natural. I never really like convocations because it's a bunch of educated people reading literary-sounding things.

My favorite part was singing Gaudeamus. :) And sitting next to one of my closest friends.

I went to to the freshman 15 show in UpC. It was pretty cool, though not so tremendously organized. My favorite parts were Scout's rap (fucking amazing!! mad props!) and Nina Vyedin's guitar-playing. She's really amazing and if you haven't heard her play you're really missing out. She writes her own songs that are more professional than professional ones, but she's too much of a good person inside to compare herself to others like that and be as conceited as she has the right to be.

Right now I'm (obviously) writing this post before going to sleep... I wish I didn't have to get up for an early class tomorrow because otherwise I'd be staying up late writing my fucking fascinating psych paper that I love and writing songs... I'm currently writing my first song on guitar and it's really exciting. :) The psych paper is convincing me even more that I need to be a psych major! Preferably related to abnormal and physio psych.

Goodnight to all, and to all a good night.

Productivity at Its Finest

Awkardest opening sentence of an article ever:

"Fans of American Idol will get a chance to lick all seven winners of the hit Fox reality show... in the form of a stamp, that is."
- http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/24072225/

I can't get anything done tonight!!!!
And my stomach is making funny noises because I ate too many blondies at Freshman 15!!!! (ironic.)


An Evening In Strong. Sex Included.

Ciao ciao ciao ciao a tutti!

So the writers' strike is over (well, for now, and hopefully they'll all be treated better) and ABC episodes are back (yay for Grey's Anatomy and Ugly Betty and House, which is actually FOX, but whatever)! Basically this period of brand new episodes is like a week long orgasm....(ok, so maybe that was going overboard a tidbit) But REALLY! On Thursday, we were packed into the Strong MPR with hormonal young men and women, and all you could here was screaming and gasping and happy giggles and....etc.

Oh yeeeeeeeeeeeees!
Oh ok!
No! Don't stop!
That's it????

Man, was it steamy in the Strong MPR with Doctor McDreamy and McSteamy and well... all the sexy Grey's characters. and don't forget those in Ugly Betty!

Basically the day of Thur ended with a giant orgy in Strong. Man can those girls show you a good time or what? ;-)

Well, I don't think this article had enough sexual references so here is the cherry on top of that big banana split....


---Sex is an instant cure for mild depression. It releases endorphins into the bloodstream, producing a sense of euphoria and leaving you with a feeling of well-being. Maybe THAT'S why you feel so good afterwards....unless, it, well, is just plain bad.

---A lot of lovemaking can unblock a stuffy nose. Sex is a natural antihistamine. It can help combat asthma and hay fever. Wow, even more reasons to get cozy in the winter...

---The earliest known illustration of a man using a condom during sexual intercourse is painted on the wall of a cave in France. It is dated between 12,000 and 15,000 years old. See! Just because you're old doesn't mean you don't have any sense!

Go have a fun Founder's Day Weekend kiddies!
And forgive those who took the dorm room you (and possibly your roommate) wanted....

Pace ed amore,
Chip to the munk


Rich Horowitz is a god...and so is William Booth!

So I went in to the Office of Res. Life in the hopes of getting some advice on my housing situation. After all the talking, sending of forms, yada-yada-yada, I still had no roommate! I took refuge in Rich's spacious office, on his slightly squishy couch, as he went through my draw number and the possibilities for rooms (I am a lazy bastard with all of that, by the way). And wouldn't you know it, my draw number is just good enough to grant me a single next year! Woot! The big deal for me is not that I won't have a roommate and rather an entire room to myself (although that is still frickin' awesome); but rather that I just no longer have to worry, after having worried and not done much about it all. Life's sweet during those moments when you don't have to take responsibility for your lack of care about pressing things. But let's not count those chickens just yet...

On a side note, I also walked to the Salvation Army thrift store further down on Main towards Downtown. I have to say that they do a great job accommodating all of those in need. William Booth, the founder of Salvation Army, is a good guy in my opinion. Care to counter?


Because It's Wednesday and I Want To

There are waaaay too many little things to do on this campus. And when you try and stay on top of what is going on, your trajectory on an imaginary map winds up looking like something the cartoonist from "Family Circus" would have come up with. At least thats the case for me. Getting to the last day in April and realizing how deplorably few trips I have made to the city, or to ANYWHERE off campus, is more than a little embarassing (especially considering everyone back home assumes I LIVE in the city) and forces me to reconsider just why it is that I "dont have time."

So tonight I am feigning time and sherking my committments and responsibilities and any other guilt-inducing word and going to a show in the city. Because it's Wednesday. And I want to. And I've long since put on hold the occasion of free-drinks at ladies night. So while this choice will probably kick my ass in a couple of days....I am still going to do it....so, ya.....peace.


All Night Long (All Night)

I successfully completed my paper at the expense of not sleeping. It was worth it, though, because I do have some pride for it! In my last two classes I was a little drowsy, doing the embarrassing head drop, and jerk awake motion.... Several times while I was writing, I realized that I unconsciously written a word in French, or that I had been thinking about things in French. I guess the good thing about my all-nighter is that I've think I'm on my way to becoming fluent in French.

Get some sleep you, and good luck on final papers, etc.


Anyone see/hear about what happened to Paula last night on American Idol?
Apparently, they did judging a little differently - the top 5 all performed their songs, and the judges wrote down impressions and did a rapid-fire judging of all 5 at the end.

Paula got confused and thought one contestant actually did both his songs, when in reality they all had done only one.




The Truth

What is it with all these shady-ass girls trying to dance with me at the Mug? When I’m there with my boys on the dance floor all I’m looking for is a good time, a random hook-up is the last thing on my mind. Its insane! We’re down there for less than five minutes and we’re already surrounded. Like hungry kittens, timid at first, but once they see what they want they close in and attack; I turn and they're pawing at my ankles. Why are girls always so horny? All they want is sex. We break free but they pursue. As quickly as we move to the extremes of the floor we’re re-encircled. They’re everywhere; if they’re not on the dance floor then there standing on the sides giving me the eye. How can I be expected to have a good time if I know I’m being ogled? All I want to do is dance with my boys, just let me have my fun. When I go down there, all I’m looking for is fun, not sex. Eww! Girls, Leave us guys alone. When we’re at the mug, we’re not there to dance with you. All we want is guy time, so keep your distance and let us have our fun.

white chocolate

p.s. When I leave the Mug I leave alone, my bed is the only thing I want to be inside of.

Poll Results Lyke W0ah

We usually don't post about the poll results for the Random Poll of the Week, but the past two weeks have yielded some very interesting things about you, our readers (or at least those of you who voted).

The week of April 14 was a poll about where you live. Out of those who responded,

13% live in Main
13% live in Cushing
9% live in Lathrop
8% live in Noyes
7% live in Jewett
11% live in Josselyn
9% live in Raymond
8% live in Strong
13% live in Davison
0% live in the THs
1% live in the TAs
0% live in the SoCos
0% live in Ferry
2% live Off-Campus

What we discern from this is the majority of people who read us live in the 9 major houses - something we want to change in the coming year, as we move to become more campus-inclusive, and less dorm-exclusive.

In our other poll, from last week, we asked what class you're in. The response was:

1% are in the class of 2008
2% are in the class of 2009
11% are in the class of 2010
62% are in the class of 2011
17% are in the class of 2012
4% are college staff

This points to the fact that the majority of our readers are in the current freshman class, with the upcoming freshman class being our second-biggest source of readers. This is another thing that we want to change next year - we want to be widely-read across campus.

These polls provided insight as to how we should proceed with plans for next semester. Thanks to all who participated!
~The Blog9 Team


I have a paper due in 26 hours. 8 pages, worth a third of my grade, in my future major. And I have a paragraph. Yet all I can think about is room draw. And I think I'm getting sick. But I flat out just do not have time to go to Baldwin. And I refuse to be sick for Founder's Day. So I'll just have to cope. I'm hearty, right? I'll be fine. Assuming I don't fail this damn paper.

I'm sure many of you are in similar situations. Good luck, to you and to me. May nobody's brain explode this lovely rainy day.


Waste Two Seconds of Your Life INSTANTLY!

Well, I have nothing to say. So read if you have nothing to do but feel like...wasting two seconds of your life. Just know, you will never get them back.

O, the weather! Compared to last week, this is downright depressing, and I feel slightly depressed. Not sad, just like my body is slow and more still. My muscles are not happy. Be careful with the caffeine. Especially coffee. Yes, I love you, but you interrogate my GI tract. It feels a bit abused.

Listening to Lightnin' Hopkins on a rainy day all day and doing this shitting paper and lazing around...it's the best to hope for on a day such as this. Sorry for being Debbie Downer, eh!?

Um...the candidate debates should be cool. Smoothies are nice. Hoorah for intramural soccer. WOOOOAAAH Mistuh Chahlie yo rollin mill is buinin down

Wait! I do have something interesting. Bonobo chimps. That's right, folks, everybody's favourite longer legged, incestuous, and freaky deaky human relative! Behold:

ANTM Predictions

One of my favorite shows is America's Next Top Model. Every week when I realize that it is Wednesday, I get really really excited. This season has been particularly interesting. I have to say that Anya is my favorite. She is such a sweetheart. I really want her to win. And despite the fact that Dominique is hated by most people, her naivety is kind of endearing. I'm guessing I am not the only ANTM addict here at Vassar. So, I want to know predictions. Who is going home this week? What is in store for the rest of the season? Here is what I think:

Elimination this week: Whitney goes home
Next week: Dominique
The I think Fatima will get eliminated, with Katarzyna and Anya in the final runway show. And then Anya wins. :)

Hope you have a great week. Only one more week of classes to go :):)


One door closes, another opens.

So Dido and Aeneas is over. I've spent a lot of time and brain space on it in the past semester, especially in the past week.

It's been a wonderful experience and I really loved just about every minute of it.

And as this door closes, the door of the rest of the semester continues to open. I've got this amazing paper to finish, and then another one to take care of (a total of about 30 pages by the middle of May), and of course exams to study for.

I'm looking forward to this week, this weekend, study week, and the two weeks at home/travelling before I come back to Vassar for the summer... And of course I'm looking forward to that quite a bit as well.

Well, it's time to work on that paper now. I hope you are all doing well with your work or, if not, having a lot of fun on this rainy day for relaxation.


Price of DC Meal Points Revealed

As you may have heard, Campus Dining recently revealed the new system of meal points for the upcoming school year.

While the new "buffet meals" system is very interesting, what really caught my eye was the following:

"Running late from team practice and afraid you won’t make it to ACDC by 8:30? Use a meal equivalency ($6.75) at The Atrium."

So that means that each meal point at the DC is valued at $6.75. Personally, that's more than I typically spend at the DC, and I'm on an enhanced meal plan. I try to get water, so as to reduce the cost of my meals.

To me, the question remaining is: will the cost of the meal plan on my bill change to accomodate this?



So I'm awake at 2:30 AM pondering Vassar security.

I'm awake and pondering Vassar security because a member of their fine team just thought it necessary to have a loud conversation on the phone in my hallway for a good half hour or so. At 2 AM.

In the wake of Don Marsala's email this weekend, shouldn't VC security be doing something a little more closely related to their job than whining about it on the phone while people are trying to sleep?

I've been following people's reactions to Friday's incident on the various Vassar Internet postings, and I can't help but agree with the people that are saying that security needs to get their collective ass in gear. They're too busy hanging outside of doors, waiting for them to open so they can bust the Natty-Light-drinking freshmen inside, rather than trying to make sure that students aren't being attacked by strangers that have made their way onto campus. Security's presence in our dorms doesn't make people drink less - it just makes them drink faster so there's less of a chance of getting caught. And that's dangerous.

Coming up next: littleone tries to talk about the Joss elections without jumping off a cliff.

you know you love me? or, rather... not?



Did you know that tears shed over movies contain 25% more protein than tears shed over onions?
Well, it is true.

Crying is, actually, a very fascinating thing. When you think about it, we don't really know a lot about it. It means different things to different people (and in different cultures), but, for example, every culture in the world is known to cry in funerals. Except in Bali, where people are 'allow' themselves to cry only two full years after the funeral. Tears are not JUST water, they contain also mucin, oils and proteins, some antibacterial, immunoglobins, glucose, urea and some salts. Phew...who knew?

So, next time you cry, think about it, it might not be as straight forward as you think. And apparently they DO respond to our emotions...interesting indeed.

It's All Over...

So on Thursday and Friday my dance group had its final performances of the year. With that and Bare both now over, I'm not exactly sure what to do with myself... except catch up on the 9350438 pounds of work that I ignored for the past three weeks. Aaaaaagh.

In other news, a comment on my last post made me realize just how disconnected I've become from Joss over the past few months. It's a good thing for me - I'm moving off-campus next year, so it's likely that I'll never live in Joss again, and I'm not really a huge fan of the place anyway - but it's a little weird, considering just how much time I spent here at the beginning of the year. I'm hardly here these days. When I'm not in class or at rehearsal (except not rehearsal anymore, SOB), I'm at UpC or the library or hanging out with friends in other dorms. I don't know... I don't really like living in dorms (hence the reason I'm moving off-campus), so I'm avoiding it at all costs until I don't have to do it anymore, I guess.

sorry for the completely disconnected rambling. I need to go write some
papers now...


Dido: "i <3 u"; Aeneas: "ttyl"

I just got back from the Opera Workshop and Madrigals performance of Dido and Aeneas. In short, it was brilliant. Wonderfully sung and performed, there were a few laughs, many creative scenes, and the sad ending expected. You should definitely go see it; their last performance is tomorrow at 3 in the Skinner Recital Hall.


Today Just May Be the Day

That I go off the deep end. I'm just tired and really just want school to be over. But then I think about all the friends I made here and I don't want to have to say goodbye to them. I know I'll see them again come September, but I really won't be able to talk to them much because I'll be overseas for the majority of the summer. What's there to do? How do you feel about living/cohabitating with people for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 8 months and then having to say, "see you later?"

Luvs and hugs,
Dyamond Phillips

Vassar Food Celebs

I know that a lot of people welcome Wednesday's Chili Day, but I'm curious: does anyone feel passionate about Saturday's Spaghetti and Meatballs special? If you haven't tried it, I strongly suggest that you do. Now even I admit that S&M (no pun intended) is no match for a warm plate of rice smothered in chili and with cornbread; but this may change if people give S&M a chance!


Social Enrichment

While browsing the class notes in the Spring 2008 issue of Vassar: The Alumnae/i Quarterly, I came across an entry I find humorous:

"Grateful thanks to John Wolf ['74] for donating his 40-year collection of Playboy to the Vassar library. They will no doubt enrich the periodicals collection and provide new insights to women's studies majors as well as to other students."

New insights, indeed.


Getting "Lost"

yo WHAT WHAT it's Noyes' 50th tomorrow, baby! Iss gon' get MAD crunk! I'm wicked excited for Dido and Anaeas....how I love opera. oh dude fucking Lost is back! yes!

As much as I like Lost (I think it's one of the most interesting pieces of only mild-crap on tv) I really can't stand Kate's character. She's prominent on the show because she serves as the sex symbol.("dude lets give the hot sassy chick a gun and like, a love triangle and stuff") Sometimes, the only thing she does on the show is look up at Jack, bite her lip/ tilt her head/ flip her hair provocatively. It was so funny last night, it was ridiculous; the opening scene to the show was her crouching on the beach, hair waving. She pulls down her tank top strap...for no fucking reason. I think she's going to take a nudey dip or nurse a sexy scratch on her soft (armpit hair-free)sculpted shoulder or that the writers would provide at least a flimsy excuse for the action...but she like, rubs her shoulder or something and looks up at Jack and smiles sexily and Jack smiles back. I don't get it. What was the point of her pulling down her strap? It was such a blatant almost exploitation of "the hot one" that it was almost uncharacteristic of Lost. Fuck media. I mean, I'll still watch it but it will continue to disappoint me.

Today is the 12th annual National Day of Silence.

According to handouts from the table set up by Blegen House in the College Center:
"The National Day of Silence brings attention to anti-LGBTQ name-calling, bullying, and harassment in schools. This year's event is held in memory of LAWRENCE KING, an 8th grader from California who was shot and killed on February 12, 2008 by a classmate because of his sexual orientation and gender expression."

So stop by the table today and pick up a sticker to wear to show your support! If you absolutely cannot remain quiet, still wear a sticker to show your solidarity and inform people about why you're wearing it.


Good Lord.

So yesterday I wake up, head to the bathroom, and discover something a little disturbing in one of the stalls... and not the usual "There is a college student who has yet to learn to flush a toilet" kind of bathroom disturbing. This hit a whole new level for me -- it was a notice that basically said something like this:

"Dear Josselyn Residents: We are aware of the drug use in this house... etc etc, if you need to talk, the house team is here as a nonjudgmental resource."

It closed with this disturbing little piece of possible foreshadowing:

"We are thankful that Vassar does not have a disciplinary RA system. Let's keep our dorm healthy, blah blah blah etc, xoxo Joss House Team."

I had no idea that the drug problem in Joss was so rampant. I mean, I was definitely aware of it, but I assumed it was the same across the whole campus... but at the same time, what constitutes a drug problem? To me, a bunch of people smoking weed all the time really isn't a drug problem. A bunch of people freaking out on shrooms and acid, on the other hand, definitely is. But haven't those been isolated incidents? I wish they would tell us things rather than give us these creepy vague warnings.


Words of Wisdom

Sorry! I've been slacking on a feature I've just started! =/

This week's Words of Wisdom come from none other than the President of our esteemed college, Cappy!

"Some people prefer dark chocolate, others prefer light chocolate. I prefer diamonds."


UPDATE: Some people are concerned with this quote, and have asked for context. It was found here, at the 1:15 mark.

From the Makers of Rococo Puffs

Written by Daniel Files '11, and exectued by the Limit, this is a satire on the Mac vs. PC commercials entitled "Mac vs. Jelly Sandwich." It is not quite as good as Rococo Puffs, but it starts getting really funny around the 1:30 mark; it's worth a watch! Enjoy!



COLLEGE: small cute animals, research papers, and humor/love/sex/death

These rabbits are pretty amazing. So. Cute.

You know what I want?

I want to lie down in a small room full of two-week-old daschund puppies and have them walk into me.

So I'm writing this massive paper for a class and I'm LOVING it. Like, seriously, I'm so into this paper it's ridiculous and unnatural--but I guess I know what my major is now...

By the way, I'm in the music department's production of Dido and Aeneas, which is really awesome. You've got your humor, love, sex, death... What more do you need in a show? Seriously, though, come:

Friday 8pm
Saturday 3pm, 8pm
Sunday 3pm

See you there, or square...


I'm sure that many folks reading this will know exactly what I'm talking about when I say that it feel fucking GREAT to have just finished and submitted an intense paper. Because this one is supposedly the final official paper for the class, the kick-ass feeling is heightened, too!

Also, does anyone ever feel really eloquent immediately after this? I feel like I could whip Shakespeare BIGTIME right now...I'd school him in that iambic pentameter like mad yo! Shiiiiiiaat!

No, not really.



Making Some Noyes

It's Noyes' birthday! Like Hillary, you either love Noyes, or hate it....or have never been there, but that doesn't apply to Mrs. Clinton.

Anywho, it's Noyes' birthday (50th!) this week and there are tooooons of things going on. This saturday it's gonna be busy busy busy, so DON'T do your homework, and come and plaaaaay, it's probably going to be a beautiful day too, so you won't want to miss the party in Noyes Circle (and the free Ice cream, lemonade, cupcakes, etc). If you play during the day, you can even win iPod shuffles...

So even if you don't loooove noyes, even if u've never been there....just come and take advantage of it ;-)

Here's the sched:

10 - noon: Community Field Games (open to the Poughkeepsie community)
noon-1pm: Lunch! Delicioous food from vendors!
1-4 pm: Student Field Games + performances by:
The Barefoot Monkeys
Indecent Exposure
The Vastards
& more!
11 - 1 am: Party at Noyes Circle!!!!!


House Cup Toss Up Episode II: Results of the Draw

After one delay, the Davison House Draw finally happened today. Poseidon and his friends drew into the house(s) that they wanted, and hopes that the other Davison refugees were satisfied with the results of the draw. If any of you are having serious issues in terms of not having drawn into the house of your room mate, for example, contact ResLife as soon as possible, because I'm sure they would be willing to try to accommodate a *reasonable* request.

Hope all turned out well!

Spring Has Sprung

To piggy-back SPRiNKLES' post:

While walking to class today I was surprised and delighted to see the
tulips in Main Circle (and everywhere on campus, in fact) had bloomed!

Enjoy the flowers,


OK, so - I have to admit I DO love spending hours and hours just looking at pics, profiles and new notifications on Facebook. It's brilliant! I love Facebook, I won't deny it - it's the perfect stalker tool... but(and) I love it (let out your inner stalker? - scary). It's the one place where I find most of the information I need about all the stuff that goes on around me (events, random groups, gossip -healthy gossip I mean-, etc.)

But today I log on and learn about the new feature - FACEBOOK CHAT!! For serious?!?! I honestly don't know how to react to this. On the one hand it's awesome because I do have a thing for instant messaging...but one the other hand I'm terrified that Facebook might suck me in even more! LOL. Okay, maybe I shouldn't be that dramatic... I'm just concerned that one day it'll go too far. (Add dramatic background music).

Maybe that's just me. Who knows - for now I'll enjoy the practical side of it and I'll make sure I'm getting enough sun and fresh air out there.


In Full Bloom

The weather this week has just been FANTASTIC so far! I've been out tanning the past few days, just soaking in the sun and feeling oh-so-good because of it. Unfortunately, it can't last, though: weather.com says that tonight there are going to be isolated thunderstorms. Thursday and Friday will be sunny, but then we're in store for four straight days of rain, Saturday to Tuesday.

Another sign of spring recently popped up: the tulips in Main circle are now in full-bloom!

So why are you reading this?! Go out and enjoy it while you still can!!



A Great Place to Eat

As much as I just LOOOOOVE the food at the DC, every now and then I like to go off campus and get something to eat. I used to limit myself to the few places right off campus (Babycakes, Zorona's, etc) but yesterday my roommate introduced me to something new. We at La Cabanita, a teeny tiny Mexican place on Main Street just down from the fast food places (KFC, Wendy's, Taco Bell). It was so so so good. If you are looking for some authentic Mexican food (and believe me, I know it) you should definitely check it out. It was really reasonable, too. AND they have Jarritos…. Which I LOVE.

Anyways, peace out kids. Good luck with work… I hope isn't piling up for you like it is for me.

Love SGPG :):)

My Two Cents

Since John Edwards backed out of the presidential race, I've been supporting Hilary Clinton. However, I don't bash Obama like so many Obama supporters do to Clinton. I like Obama as well, and I will vote for either of them come the November election. What I don't understand is how people can support Obama so vigorously, yet hate Clinton. To me, they seem to have very similar policies, the major difference being how they come across to the public.

It seems to me that Obama has tried to cater to the youth of the US. It seems like he has tried to appeal to us, and that he's certainly done his job considering his vast support. His slogan is "CHANGE" appeal to us, which makes sense as we generally have greater optimistic views on the future. I take issue with this slogan only in that it feels like he's just using it to get the youth vote, and that if he takes office he won't pull through. Charisma alone does not make a president.
Again, I'll vote for him if he gets the nomination, I just hope that those who support him do so because they actually think about what he offers aside from his charisma and slogan.


Pennsylvania Primary Today!


Orange They Are NOT

A photo of the carrots in the salad bar at the Retreat: According to an anonymous reader:
No joke. Not Photoshopped (I'm not that good at Photoshop). They taste the same. Irma in the Retreat didn't know what was up, she just called them "pretty."



Lying on the green, green grass in front of the chapel.
Hearing the bells peal out the hour.
Smelling oh so good from the tanning lotion you borrowed from your friend.
Knowing that all your major work for the week is already done.
Seeing the bluish color everything turns after you've been on your back for an hour and you open your eyes.
Feeling an overwhelming sense of peace and happiness.

Enjoy it while it lasts, kids, it's supposed to thunderstorm on Saturday.

Ouch Charlie!



So, I hope you all are in better shape than I am because I think I just sprained my toe (I don't think it's broken...I hope) and it f*@#$%^ hurts! I am forced to limp and you all know how attractive THAT is....haha...(because, you know, I REALLY care what people think of me...---ok, I'm assuming you didn't get the sarcasm there, but it was what I was heading for..). So I'm not really sure how this happened because cuz you know, shit just happens....to me, but it all went down in ACDC. I saw someone who I don't really know very well (though I do like him as a person, for I have no reason to dislike him...he's nice). He said "Hi *insert name here*!" with a big smile and I said hi back in the same manner. Then I realized something. I absolutely LOVE it when people say "hi" to me. It's so simple (and sadly people take it for granted) but it really does make my (and I'm sure, your) day! Anyway, I got so excited that I went over to my dinner-buddy and friend, Aletheia, and told her how happy it always makes me. And being the dork I am, I was dancing around a little (in ACDC, mind you) and then put my foot down on the floor with a lot more force than anticipated and my toes just crunched. This is the point where I yell "OUUUUUUCH CHARLIE!" I limped my food over to the register, than to a table where my toes continued to throb. Once I got up again and my foot and all its ligaments stretched, I realized how badly it hurt. I limped back to RayRay. (oh ya, the stairs were a sexy fun time, let me tell ya!) Now my toes are wrapped in a cold towel which I need to re-soak. dang....

And now......drum roll please....

FUN(NY)SEX(Y)FACTS: (ya, baby, ya!)

---The first published use of the word 'condum' was in a 1706 poem. (I wonder who invented the word....)
---It has also been suggested that Condom was a doctor in the time of Charles II. It is believed that he invented the device to help the king to prevent the birth of more illegitimate children. (oh...i guess that answers my previous question...haha)
---There are approximately 100 million acts of sexual intercourse each day. (ONLY?! Come on guys and girls! Try HARDER)

Pace ed amore,

P.S.- Hope you had a fun 4/20!
P.P.S.- why are the bees stalking the dorm windows????


My friend just called me very upset. Her laptop just got stolen, along with her roomate's. Their door wasn't locked, as it usually isn't, so someone must have just wandered in and taken them. Turns out someone else in their dorm had the same thing happen (but didn't say anything), so it isn't an entirely isolated thing.

So she wanted me to post about this and I was only to happy to oblige. People, if you have stuff stolen, say something! And it's probably wise to lock your doors. Security sends around a lot of reminders, but not very many people seem to listen. I know I usually don't because I think it's safe. But 3 computers in a couple days, even for the whole campus, is nothing to be scoffed at.

And that is my own little PSA. Be careful guys! And please don't be that jackass who takes other people's stuff.


What We're Listening To

Any correspondents who are not listed have not yet sent in their song yet!

“Tonight” by Kate Walsh

“Merry Happy” by Kate Nash

“Cumbia Medley” by Selena

“BellyDance” by Sadie

“Blue Eyes Crying In the Rain” by Shania Twain and Willie Nelson

“Fields of Gold” by Sting

Dyamond Phillips
“I Think They Like Me (Remix)” by Dem Franchize Boys feat. Jermaine Dupri

"Der Hölle Rache" by Natalie Dessay

"Fake Tales of San Francisco" by Arctic Monkeys

“A Cause Des Garçons (Remix)” by Yelle

"Hide and Seek" by Imogen Heap

“When the Day Met the Night” by Panic at the Disco

“Warmth of the Sand” by Dashboard Confessional

One Voice


I've done a lot of performing in my life. I've been part of a fair few ensembles that adored each other and I have even helped make an audience cry once or twice. I'm no stranger to invoking deep emotion or to being swept away by the passion of a performance.

But never before have I experienced something like I did as a cast member of Bare.

After auditions, I was just excited to be in a show. I hadn't done anything since last June, and I was dying for the stage (anyone who's been on one can tell you that it's addictive). I was looking forward to challenging my vocal range and making a few new friends.

Little did I know what it would turn into... somehow, I found myself wrapped up in a group of incredible people who were as unabashedly eager about art and expression as I am. A group of people who reminded me that I am talented, and I am a product of hard work -- and that talent and hard work can produce nothing without an ensemble effort. I can't express how thankful I am to have these people in my life. They saved me from myself.

Nothing can top this weekend's four performances. Nothing. I couldn't hold myself together at the end of the show -- all I could think of was that this happens. Thoughtless discrimination happens, and I could see it reflected in the tears of our pianist, of the boy sitting in the front row, of my fellow cast members, all of whom have been victimized before just because they're different in such an unimportant way.

I hope that everyone who came to see the show got something out of it, whether you liked it or not. Please -- remember that people can be hurt by your words, and sometimes even more so by your silence.

"Jesus knows what's up."

p.s. also, PRACTICE SAFE SEX, and make sure that you aren't unknowingly eating pot brownies, and maaaybe avoid raves.

My Prospie


I’m on probation until at least the end of the year. Security says that I’ve accumulated more noise complaints (along with a couple of alcohol violations) than the rest of the campus combined. Its not that I’m unruly; my living habits are far from disruptive. It’s just that the local house fellows are far less tolerant than one would expect of professors at a liberal arts college.

I signed up to be a host of one of the focus students this weekend. I registered early, arrived promptly and assumed all would go smoothly. After all, I’m a decent student, fairly relaxed and also pretty outgoing; I’d make a good host; I am a great, positive, glowing person. After the sign in and the pizza dinner with hosts and focus kids, the pairing process began. The hosts’ names would be called, in alphabetical order, and they would proceed out the door with their new soon to be friend. It was exciting; a chance to share with another all that I had learned in the past year; a chance for someone to adore me; a drinking buddy at the very least. Adams, Bryant, Clifton, my heart began to pound. Houston, I grit my teeth and clenched my hands. Martin, my eyes rolled back, my subconscious screaming with desire. Peters… my heart dropped.

“There must be some mistake,” I thought. “Maybe my prospie isn’t here yet. Perhaps they’re just saving the best for last.” The pairings finished. I remained entirely alone with 4 other unpaired hosts (a hobo, a junkie, a dwarf and a giraffe) a few stragglers, and the staff of the event. The smoke cleared. With a flushed face and a soul hungry for fiery vengeance, I raced up to the administrative table slammed both fists on the table, and screamed “Liars, filthy blood-sucking vagrants. Where is my friend?” Four overseers smirked down at me. The first three cackled out bellows of laughs. The forth leaned forward and spat.

… I was waitlisted… I was belittled, embarrassed, humiliated. Tears ran down my cheek. I fainted, awoken several hours later in the center of the quad by frolicking of a caliber of which I have never seen before; host and child rejoicing as one. Harmony wisped in the air. The dog was a happy mask. But I, your intrepid protagonist, sat lonely in the corner, taken aback by sadness I wandered in the shadows. The dog barked longingly and no one responded.

It occurred to me the next day that the man had probably screwed me over. I was placed on the waiting list because of my probation. It has to be. Black listed, stricken from community service at my very college. I could have handled ‘400 BABIES!’ but they wouldn’t even give me one. The kibble bowl was empty.

With love,
Barky (aka white chocolate)
Happy 4/20


The List

miss abreves and i are back with this week's latest list: things that annoy hipsters. you know, the hipsters? who are so much better than you and dress better than you and you know, they don't care. secretly they know they're trying to be better than you but they'll never admit it. they're so nonchalant, you might not be able to tell if you're annoying them or not. try your best.

1. playing miley cyrus on the quad loudly
2. doing squats (their pants are too tight)
3. dont recycle
4. be carnivorous
5. tell them all the bad things that cigarette companies are doing
6. the beatles suck
7. be skinnier than them (which i will refer you to our previous list)
8. wear winter scarves more fashionably than hipster scarves
9. talk about made-up bands
10. wear sunglasses inside
11. get really really tan because pale is not the new tan
12. be better at super smash brothers... on n64
13. shave their bangs
14. buy expensive clothes and flaunt them like cheap ones
15. talk in abreves! (obvi)

don't annoy them too bad, their mafia will find you,
vivalawhitegirl and miss abreves

I Have a Confession


If you didn't go to see it, you missed out! Everything was perfect - the choreography, the set design, the music, the costumes, the lighting, the directing, and - perhaps most of all - the acting. Tino Lim and Jon Bannigan were perfectly cast as leads - their voices complemented each other wonderfully. In fact, the casting for every character was spot-on, my fave being Maria Garcia as Sister Chantelle - she definitely had the best one-liners in the show.

All in all, it was a spectacular evening, and director Amanda Giglio '11 should be proud of the awesome show she put together!

Below is a slideshow of some pics from the show. I apologize in advance for the quality - they were taken by my camera phone. For some reason, 8 pictures are still trapped on my phone, but once I'm able to transfer them, I'll post an update!



Sometimes I feel really inadequate.

Sometimes I feel incredible.

Always I wonder who I am.



"Earth" Day

Isn't Earth Day supposed to be a day in respect of the earth, a symbol
of our commitment to keep it healthy? If so, why did today's Earth Day
events on the Quad leave it littered with trash? I'm a bit irked by



I forgot to mention-after the comedy show with John Mulaney last night, I was at UpC and I talked to him...I won't divulge details so as to not give away my semi-anonymity, but he was nice.

Everyone go to Julie's Restaurant cuz those people rock and give you free cookies when they're closing and you ask if they have a dessert menu.

To the Bees of the world: get the fuck out of my room. Please go kill yourself away from me. Stop making me cry.

I can't wait for the Sugarhill Gang. With such dope beats and stoopit fresh lyrics as "now what you hear is not a test--I'm rappin to the beat", and "see I am Wonder Mike and I like to say hello", no wonder they spawned one of the biggest music cultures in the home of the free. However, I have found one disturbing line in their smash hit, "Rapper's Delight": "say if your girl starts actin up, then you take her friend". The birth of all misogyny in hippity-hop today, folks? To quote my friend, "This is where we get "Tip Drill"'s from". An innocent lyric? I think not.

Eat some watermelon.

I'm Your Tangerine, Babe!

Campfire. Sunshine. Barbecue. Summer! Summer!! Summer!!! (well, almost)

What I love most about this time of year are the smells. I love the smell of sunscreen, and how it takes so long to get absorbed into my skin. It makes me think of lying on the beach with my skin getting warm and that sunscreen scent floating up over the entire coastline, hovering like fog, drifting into the doors of coffee shops and ice cream parlors and bars as bare feet carry sand indoors. I love the smell of coals and burning wood at night, and feeling my eyes sting just a little when the wind pushes the smoke my way. I miss how cool night are just north of where I live, by Mendocino and Humboldt Bay, and how it gets dark faster in the forest, where the giant trees almost block out the entire sky. It gets so quiet there you can hear the ocean. Aaaargh I can't wait to go hoooome!

Those of you who didn't go out in the quad today for the hip-hop/speakers/yummy BBQ, you don't know what you're missing. Homework? Psh. Save it for tomorrow. Get yo stunna shades on and cut up those old blue jeans. It's time to play!


Improv Lyke W0ah

Seriously, the show last night was AMAZING. It's sad that this was the first Improv show I went to and it was one of the final shows of the year. I assume that they'll be having another one tonight, but unfortunately I can't go because I'll be seeing Bare (which I hear is fabulous anyway, so I have no regrets).

Last night, though, they got me laughing so hard I was crying. The show started out with name games, and moved on to alternate realities. Then they did a musical about a day in the life of Conrad Schott, complete with squeaky glasses, roll-up pants, a trip to the Met, "Oofle Doofle," and a love affair with the Pope. Finally, they finished with a compilation of weird (though hilarious) scenes involving brothers, conjoined parents, lesbians, people stuck in a well, and CatDog.

Overall, it was a great way to finish up a great day of summer (Spring? Psh. WAYYY over that).
I just cannot wait for their next show!

Now go out and enjoy this glorious weather on this wonderful weekend!
Carpe diem!

[[no subject]]

I fucking hate financial aid forms. And I am so scared of bees! Why no KRS-1?
But it's such a beautiful day. A little too sunny for me, but that means I can wear my disgustingly huge sunglasses without seeming like a freak to people. I don't worry about that anyway but sometimes it's good to feel completely comfortable. Earth Day and Jew food rock.


Wear Sunscreen


Ciao ciao ciao a tutti!

I hope you all are enjoying the wonderful weather! I think it is actually hotter here than it is at my home in California, and that's saying a LOT because I basically live on a beach.... and the weather is basically like this 99% of the time.

With all this weather and the thoughts of summer nearing, as I was basking in the sun with close friends, I started thinking about my past. Life has not been easy for me, and in many ways I am thankful for that because if things were handed to me on a silver platter I would be very bored (and probably getting into trouble like Miss Hilton just to make my life...I don't know, fun?).

I started thinking about the 90s and how great music was born into that decade and the music from the 80s, 70s, 60s, 50s, etc still played on my radio. On beautiful days like this in the summer of '99, I rocked gently back and forth in my hammock, which was incredibly old and brought from Mexico when my dad crossed the border, that was hung up on one end by part of my house and on the other by my huge Mexican Lime tree. Rocking, rocking, rocking as I fell the warm sun and the cool breeze kiss my face, I listened to music, music on my radio.

I have yet to find a radio station that plays music as great as this one. It played a wide variety of music from oldies to the now. I LOVED IT. One "song" that I particularly enjoyed was Baz Luhrmann's "Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)" because every single time I heard it, I would cry (and still do). Call me emotional, but every song has a meaning and when it sparks some emotion, I am not afraid to hide it. Music is a gateway to the soul. This song always reminds me of some of the things that are truly important in my life, things that I admit I tend to ignore and forget about from time to time. This offers beautiful tips and leads me to intense realities. "Get to know your parents, you never know when they'll be gone for good."

Oh my god, we as young adults, teenagers, kids, babies sometimes to not understand this harsh truth that our parents and friends are only with us for a limited time. And we our not taking enough advantage of the time we have on this Earth, with these people we LOVE. We spend too much time being angry and taking it out on people, our loved ones, who sometimes don't even deserve it. I rarely yell at my parents anymore because I can't bare to think of the possibility that the last time I talk to them would be in anger. I do not say "I love you" enough to my parents. Many of us have this flaw. Now I ask of you, my readers, my friends, my loved ones, go take this advise that is offered in this song. And if you only do one of those things, let it be that you call your parents, guardians, family, and friends....and tell them you love them.

Pace ed amore,

P.S.- I love you.

I'm Minoring In Your Mom (So I Can Do Her Well When I Graduate)

This morning, walking to my dorm entrance, what did I find but an (unused) red condom, lying on the stairs, baking happily in the sun.

Oh, Lathrop.



On Kindness

I ordered take out food from that new Italian place in Poughkeepsie that has been advertising a lot recently: Milani's. Okay, so I called in my order and the woman who answered was very pleasant. I gave her my order, and we hung up. About 50 minutes later, the delivery man showed up at Davison. Meanwhile I had been waiting in the entrance way, so I opened the door for him - a very instinctual thing to do -and he seemed genuinely appreciative. I then told him that I was the one who ordered. He said "Ah, okay, well..." and proceeded to tell me that he not only included an extra pizza (large) for us, but that he upgraded our two small pizzas to normal size. (Keep in mind we ordered more than just pizza).

Having had an exhausting week, during which I had been stressed into outer limits of sanity, I was struck by the kindness of this man, who I believed (from the way he was talking to me), that he was probably one of the owners or in the family of the owners. I was overwhelmed, perhaps more than I should have been, by this act that was completely superfluous yet so selflessly nice. This act reminded me that people can be generous, nice, caring even when it's not expected of them. It's so nice to think that there are other people who are nice just for the sake of being nice. It's refreshing, and it's fulfilling in a sense. I don't want come across as prideful, but I revel in doing things for others - my parents, friends, acquaintances, classmates, professors, whoever - just because I know it will make them happy.

It's nice to be on the receiving side of this relationship - to be the target of the good act - because it strengthens my own desire to continue to do the "good deed."

I hope you'll give and receive some kindness today,

Community Shuttle

So I went to NYC today and I took the shuttle on the way back. At first I was stressed out because it wasn't coming, then I remembered that 3:30 to 4 is the off-time. Then when it did come at about quarter after, it came to a different place than I was expecting and I ran to catch up with it as it was pulling away.


But aside from all that, it was really cool (literally, too) to have an air-conditioned, CLEAN bus taking me from the train station after a hectic day back to home, aka Vassar. The driver was super nice, and stopped the bus when he saw me in the mirror running like a headless chicken.

So that was sweet.

And I'm thinking that some time I'm going to take advantage of the shuttle and go to some grocery store and buy some things to make something baked and delicious. I'd definitely ride it more often now that I know how it works.

I hope you are all out enjoying the weather. Or, if you're from Antarctica perhaps this isn't your cup of tea.


Saying Goodbye

Almost every American teenager's dream is to get a car for their 16th birthday and I was one of the very lucky people for whom this dream came true. When I turned 16 I got a car from my grandfather, just as he had promised me for years. It wasn't brand new and wasn't the coolest car ever but over the last two and a half years I've grown rather attached to my 1999 Mercury Sable. I've even named him- Baby Blue. Baby Blue has been with me through thick and thin… late night drives with friends, the 45 minute drive each way to high school, hours of driving while listening to sad music as I tried to cure my broken heart, my first road trip. I always knew that there would be a time when we had to part, but I never thought it would this soon. I got the news today that my car is being sold… in fact, there are already people interested in him.

When I heard I honestly became choked up. I'm bringing a car to school next year and I never thought any car but Baby Blue would make that nine hour drive with me. I'm really sad about it, but I am also really excited. I'm getting a new car to bring with me. Something a little "nicer" my dad says. I guess the thing that upsets me most is that I won't get to see him one last time. I know, I know- just a car. But like I said there are a lot of memories. I never knew that the last time I drove at home was the last time I'd see Baby Blue. So Baby Blue, this post is dedicated to you- I hope your new driver loves you just as much as me.


PS: If you want to break down the first time your new driver takes you out in spite that is fine with me. :)

Poll Results!


28% - YAY
19% - NAY
51% - DIDN'T GO


40% - YAY
9% - NAY
50% - DIDN'T GO

Be sure to check out our latest Random Poll of the Week - where do you live?


The sun is back in a big way and regardless of the promised showers next week, I am quickly becoming D-addicted again. I commented to a friend of mine who is from this region that it's funny how chamelionized east-coasters are when it comes to the weather, quickly discarding most clothing save for a bikini and a blanket the minute the sun warms the quad to plus-60 degrees. It's awesome and as I can now understand after my first winter here, an essential survival technique for the cloudy, flooded days of ice rain and wellies.

That's all. See you on the quad, I'll be there trying to lose the transparent glow I earned this winter. And dont forget your sunscreen.


Two Months

Today is April 18, 2008. Exactly two months ago today, Blog9 launched and started providing its varied perspectives to the Vassar community.

Since then, we've amassed almost 24,200 hits. We've had an article in the Miscellany News, Vassar's YouTube channel has subscribed to ours, and Jimmy Kelly, Vice President for Activities and overseer of the VSA's 120+ organizations, has labeled us a "Vassar cultural mainstay."

And we owe it all to you. And that's why we need your help.

Blog9 launched with the idea that it would provide a vast collection of diverse viewpoints from Vassar campus, allowing people to have their voices be heard. However, it has become apparent to us and others that we have naively been limiting ourselves in two ways: we are all freshmen, and we only live in the 9 major dorms.

Therefore, in preparation for next semester, when Davison will close, we are looking for new correspondents from all walks of life at Vassar. Whether you're in the class of 2012 or 2009, we need you. No matter where you live, we need you. We want to become less dorm-exclusive, and more campus-inclusive.

If you are a student at Vassar, and you're interested in joining our team next year, shoot an e-mail to lifeinthe9@gmail.com.

Finally, we cannot say this enough: THANK YOU for reading!
~The Blog9 Team


PL and Nuyoricans= Hott

In case you didn't go, it was great! A couple of the poets did have lisps, but aside from that, the projection and emotion emanating from each poet was amazing! Mahogany Love's haiku had me laughing to the point of tears because I, too, can agree that I love bone in my fish ;)

Tomorrow I hear is Fem Alliance mug night, that should be cool, but don't forget about (these shameless plugs) Souls With Voices 2morrow and African Violets+CBS Mug Nite on Saturday! Free glow sticks and condoms sound like a major treat. After all of the sweaty grinding and looks of seduction that go on in the mug when the music isn't even dance music, I'm sure we'll have a great delivery for the next two days. If you're hyped for either, let me know which!

Enjoy the week(end)

Luvs and hugs,
Dyamond Phillips



littleone (regretting her lack of window screen right now)

Nonsensical advertisements...grrrr >:(

So today, I stopped by the retreat around noon to pick up lunch. I decided to sit down and actually eat there instead of rushing out with my food. What did I find at my table? Of course, one of those advertisements. This one was for the "Civil Rights and Clean Elections Dinner and Discussion" event, happening today actually. I read the statistics listed on top - about how 51% of Americans thought in 2008 that racial minorities have too little influence on policy in Washington, and about how in 2004 G.W. Bush raised 91.7% of his campaign $ from predominantly non-hispanic white zip codes.

So, I get the intended point of these blurbs: to show how there are issues with racial representation and campaign bucks in elections. But something is wrong with those statistics: maybe, just maybe, Bush gathered most of his money from white zip codes because he was conservative, not because he had something against minorities. From what I remember from Gov. Pol., most conservatives are white and most minorities are Democrats (or rather liberals; I somewhat doubt that Democrat and liberal can be assumed the same nowadays). That statistic has anything to do with civil rights and little influence.

On the issue of money, I'm not quite sure how reasonable it is to say that $ in campaigns is an evil thing (because that's what the blurbs imply). There are quite enough restrictions on campaign donations and funding already, and I'm not sure it's ethical to have more.


Microfinanciers of Kiva

Hello everyone. Today I'll talk about Kiva.org.

Kiva.org is a "micro-lending website, empowering individuals to lend directly to unique entrepreneurs in the developing world." What exactly does that mean? Well, when you go to their website they show you the different projects they are sponsoring, who's the person(s) who need the money, where they live and what they need it for. Then, if you choose to, you can give them a certain amount of money (you don't need to finance the whole thing, you an give as little as $25!), and (wait for it)....you get back the money eventually! It's basically a loan you're giving to people who want to start their own businesses and provide an income for themselves but who lack the means to do so. You don't get interest back, of course, but after you get back your money, you can re-invest it in the site.

The organization has been featured in many magazines and newspapers (BussinessWeek, The Wall Street Journal, among others) and it's pretty established already, so you know you're not sending your money to some tiny island in the Caribbean...

I personally think it's a great idea, as cheesy as it may sound, you $25 (or $50, or $100!) may turn into a long-term, sustainable business for someone who desperately needs it. This is not charity, this is your money creating, well, entrepreneurship, jobs and quality of life.

So, what the hell? Give $25, or even, if it's your birthday, tell your family to give money to Kiva.org, you'll get it back eventually (a couple of months?)


Blog9 and Mads in This Week's Misc

And in cited in the same sentence, no less!

Pick up this week's copy, and turn right away to page 9 (appropriately) to read a wonderful story about the rise of campus blogs, written by none other than editor-in-chief Acacia O'Connor herself!

It'll be the most enjoyable read of your life (though we offer no money-back guarantees).

Do it. You won't.
~The Blog9 Team

(Oh, and Acacia, we forgive you for putting a space between "Blog" and "9")

UPDATE: Full article now online here.


Watch What Happens

...Or what's NOT happening on Bravo come November.


That's right, according to What the Buck and verified by The Hollywood Reporter, the Weinstein Company, which produces the show, have just signed a deal that will move ProRun to Lifetime for the next five years, beginning with season 6. While it's good news for ProRun fans - FIVE MORE YEARS!!! - it's going to be kinda awk for guys (like me) who like to watch it, as many will recall that Lifetime's slogan is "Television for Women."

But the bad news continues: it appears that judge Nina Garcia has "resigned" from her job as fashion director of Elle magazine, though the condition of that resignation was that her contract was up for renewal, pointing to the possibility that she was in fact fired.

So this is two huge changes for one of my fave shows on TV. Nina Garcia has been with the show since its inception, and unless she gets another high-ranking fashion magazine job, my guess is that she's "out" for season 5. The show is also jumping networks, which is a questionable move on the part of the Weinsteins: Harvey believes it'll allow the show to reach its full potential.

It should be noted that NBC Universal, which owns Bravo, has filed a lawsuit claiming breach of contract. Another interesting tidbit: the Weinsteins plan to produce a new series called "Models of the Runway," which will be ProRun through the eyes of the models, launching in November of 08 along with season 6.

Oh, and season 5 starts in July. And season 6 in November. So there's like 3 seasons of Runway this year. XD


One Person Ruins It For Everyone

Hey readers,

In what we hope (and suspect) is a single reader, someone is "outing" the true identities of correspondents on their respective posts. We've deleted all such comments so far. The reason for this is that though some people most definitely know who some of our correspondents are, most people don't, and we find that anonymity (in the form of codenames) helps readers to view posts without bias.

As such, if such comments continue to occur, we will have no choice but to reinstate comment moderation, a measure that no one wants to do, as it hinders constructive dialogue.

You've been warned.
~The Blog9 Team

Exploration Nation

I love exploring this campus. I always find something new. Like today, when I needed to get something signed by the art department to get credit for a class over the summer. I'd never been in Taylor before. It's amazing! Might even be the most beautiful building on campus, and that's saying a lot. There were these amazing cathedral doors just chilling out on one of the staircases. My mouth literally dropped open when I saw them. But hey, I'm a geek like that. Then in the library, I found new bathrooms. Right down the first staircases inside. They are cool bathrooms. I know that none of this is anything close to secret, but it's always fun to find new little nooks around Vassar campus. We have so many and they are often so gorgeous.

Also, the seniors were outside Swift during my history class, celebrating with champagne because their theses were due today. It made me happy. That'll be me in 3 years! Scary and exhilarating all at once.

Then, after exploring, I came back to my room and took a nap. Naps are awesome. They make everything better.

Yeah, that's about it.


How Delicious Animals Are

let me count the ways...

here's something i don't understand: vegetarians. bacon is so good. hamburgers are so good. sausage is so good. steak is so good. fried chicken is so good. why would you ever give that up? to save the animals while taking precious jobs away from people in meat factories in an already declining economy? when did animal rights outweigh human rights? stop being selfish.

that cat over there on the quad looks so delicious,

Huh? blaklkjdlfkj....

I feel like I've inadvertently offended some people today, and I don't like this feeling.

Also, I got an 84 on a test which isn't horrible but still I was hoping for over 87. Bla.

But I wrote a page of a research paper, which is great.

This weekend... insane. It's going to be crazy crazy crazy busy. SO many things to go to and do. I'm a bit overwhelmed, actually.

I'm a bit out of my brain at the moment, so sorry if this post is spacy.

Hopefully everyone is doing well...


In Memoriam

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the Virginia Tech shootings.

Big Changes Coming to the DC Next Year


As you may have heard, Aramark had their contract renewed for food service at Vassar. That doesn't mean that there won't be any changes, though.

According to an article from the Misc:

"Local sources currently provide about 30 percent of Vassar’s food, and Aramark’s contract proposal indicates that they will bring that number up to 40 percent within the next five years."

"Trays will also be eliminated from the All Campus Dining Center (ACDC), if not by Fall 2008 then by Fall 2009."

"Next year, students will have two methods of purchasing food: They will have “all you care to eat” meals in ACDC, but will have declining balance points for use in à la cart locations, including the Retreat, the Atrium, Java City and the Kiosk. Students will also be able to use meals to purchase express lunches."

"Renovations will be necessary in order to facilitate the “all you care to eat” meal system. When entering ACDC, students will swipe only once, and will then be able to get as much food as they desire. “Students can even sit down, then decide they’re still hungry, and go and get seconds,” Warners explained.

The style of service will also change dramatically. The beverage areas on both sides of ACDC will be moved into the seating area, and more service stations will be installed in their place. “Because there will be more stations, lines will be shorter,” said Silver. Additionally, all of the menus will be expanded over the summer with more options.

The College plans to invest about $250,000 into initial renovations scheduled to be completed by Fall 2008 and will add dramatic interior changes to style and layout over the following summer, to be completed by Fall 2009."

The article also notes that there will be an open forum for discussion on April 23 with Aramark.

Personally, I think all this is exciting!! These changes make it look as if Aramark really does care about the students' well-being, contrary to consensus (e.g., the flyers EVERYWERE) last semester.


I Think I'm Addicted to Nilda's

No, seriously. I've been eating Nilda's brownie cookie almost every day for a while now! Fat? I don't care, it's chocolate, chocolate makes me feel good AND it tastes yummy. That's all the reasoning I need. Haha. Now I wonder how many Vassar kids are also obsessed with Nilda's? I mean, they're not the best pastries in the world but we're pretty spoiled with them for being in college.

By the way, this is a good opportunity to mention the benefits of CHOCOLATE! Yes, that heavenly thing that gives us (particularly girls) the feeling of being in love has a lot of health benefits. Of course, not if you eat sugary, processed chocolate. I mean dark chocolate, the good stuff: It has a lot of antioxidants, which are very beneficial for your body. It's also good for your heart and against all common belief it does not cause acne. Plus, the fat that you gain from chocolate is much, much healthier than the fat that you get from, say...fries. Besides, chocolate is a mood elevator that is not addictive.... unless you're me. Now, I'm not saying Nilda's chocolate brownie cookie compares to dark chocolate in health benefits but...heh...I needed to write something to make me feel good about eating it!

With choco-love,
Aletheia (I almost signed that “Nilda” for some reason…)

Seriously, Listen to SPRiNKLES


We've been working really, really hard to get this show off the ground and I think we've accomplished something pretty awesome. I promise you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wish that you got half as much action in a month as Tino Lim gets in 2 hours of the show...

Anyway, I'm SUPER PSYCHED for our opening on Thursday! Only one teensy little problem - I have a heinous cold and my voice is threatening to go MIA (and I mean that in the army sense, not the hot Sri Lankan that I missed on Friday sense). So I put myself on vocal rest today, went to Baldwin, got some drugs for my sinuses and for the mysterious infection that also popped up in my eye... and I've decided that my voice WILL be back and in rare form on Thursday for the opening. I refuse to have it be anything but.

Seriously. Come see it. You won't regret it.

Now, off to sleep off the sickness.

What You NEED To See This Weekend

Yea. It's only Tuesday. So sue me. BUT something that I think will be absolutely fabulous and great and has an intriguing story and awesome director, awesome cast, awesome musical director and even awesomer set designer ;) is BARE!

As the poster says, reserve tix at the infodesk!!

I'll see you there ;)



G'day readers,

Just dropping in to inform you of a few changes that will be taking effect at MIDNIGHT tonight!

1. After extensive discussion among correspondents, we've decided that profanity will no longer be outlawed in comments or blogger posts. As such, moderation will be lifted from comments. All we ask is that you maintain a certain degree of respect; no extremely distasteful comments or personal attacks, please.

2. Though we realize that you do want shorter posts, some of the longer posts being posted (300-400 words) are truly works of personal expression, and help us gain valuable insight into the lives of our correspondents. We've tried to adhere to the limit of 275 words per post, but that hasn't worked out for everyone. As such, we're removing the cap on posts, and instead will give you a red warning as to the length of the post when a post exceeds 300 words. That way you can skip the longer ones or save them for later!

As always, THANK YOU for reading!
~The Blog9 Team

A Few Sites Worthy of Your Time

The Guardian Comment Page. Because Brits are brilliant.


CBC Radio3, a ton of FREE indy and up-and-coming music, concerts-on-demand, killer podcasts and playlists, generally awesome music to aid your studying, running, playing, living, etc.


and finally, the site were all those random campus patrol ads are getting their pics on. hiLARious, a new one everyday, totally worth mining the archives.



Jeffrey Sachs Coming to Vassar

New York Times best selling author, United Nations advisor and renowned economist Jeffrey Sachs will discuss the rise of global poverty. Thursday, April 24th at 6 pm in the Chapel.

Peabo’s Take: This is awesome! I just recently learned who Jeffrey Sachs is and, for those of you who don’t know, he’s an economist who basically spends his life promoting economic development to help combat poverty. He’s also a huge advocate for working on economic development and environmental stability hand in hand, which is truly badass. That’s a rather insignifigant description; so you should all look him up because he’s pretty awesome. And he’s coming to Vassar! Operation Donation managed to finagle it, so they are clearly fantastic. I hope I see you all there, six o’clock next Thursday!

I have a prospie tomorrow and I am totally using this as evidence for why she should come to Vassar.

Two Doors and Candy Apple Walls

(For the record, the Blog9 Admin thinks that this is a BEAUTIFUL post.)

We checked out the apartment yesterday. It borders the graveyard on the opposite side of Noyes, with an entrance through two doors leading back to back and opening onto each other in opposite directions. Then there is a narrow staircase up into three small bedrooms, a living room, and a tiny kitchen with a balcony. My room is light blue and looks over the playground. It's rockin'.

This whole living off-campus thing was a decision that required about as much deliberation as two people who are mutually attracted to each other partake in when locked up together in a dark closet, naked, and with a bottle of Bacardi: it just kind of happened. I had my heart dead set on becoming a student fellow; then I didn't get it. Instead I got the blue bedroom, and maybe a pair of Lovebirds to keep me company. Not to mention two incredible roommates to share it all with. (And cable. Baaaaaaller.)

And I'm thinking, it's funny how things work out so well. Most of my life ends up being this high-speed emotional Rollerblade chase involving laser beams and highly flammable slinkies being thrown all over the place, terrifying innocent bystanders. I stay up in the dark, staring at the piping along the walls, wondering whether or not the water is carrying me down the right stream. Because don't we all want to end up somewhere safe, to wake up in the places our minds have visited, places we think we know well? And then I remember that the beauty of living is tied up with this tendency of everything to strive towards certain balance. Think about it: we exist solely because of this motion of things towards equilibrium. It is in our very cells, it is a part of every process necessary for our survival, it is what allows us to exist as individual beings separate from our environment. It is so important. And I believe this osmosis of sorts happens on a greater scale as well, involving me, and you, and everything within and without us. I believe that when something doesn't work out the way we planned, it is just a sign that there is something else out there for us, something good that we're missing. And because of this selective permeability of life, I really do think we should be taking it easy, that we should not be thinking too far ahead, that we should learn to take things as they come and go. So get low with the flow if you know what's good for you. Take a breath. Take a break. Take your time.

I'm yours,


I feel like I'm drowning in work. For the past few weeks I've noticed that I frequently run into the following problem: when organizing when to do work (before, between or after classes, choir rehearsal, lessons or meetings) I find that there isn't enough time.... I always hope for the best, that somehow I'll get done more work than expected, but it's always the other way around. I feel like I'm working so hard, that when I take breaks (infrequent though they may be) I feel guilty that I should still be working. I know it's partially my fault because I choose my own classes and activities, and I keep my standard of work high. I feel like if I don't push myself this way, I don't learn anything and begin to completely neglect a course altogether.

Ugh.... I just need to get through the next two weeks and all my major stuff will be done.

Good luck with your own stuff, everybody,

Love Letter

Dear ACDC,

I just want to let you know that your Vegan Tomato Soup re-established my faith in humanity. Will you please make it for me every day for the rest of my life?

Much obliged,

(No, really. This is the best thing I've tasted on campus all year. Yum. Go try it.)

Energy Use

I recently read in the Misc that all of the dorms except for Main are competing during the month of April for the bragging rights on being the greenest dorm in Vassar. In the article, it was mentioned that Vassar spends somewhere in the neighborhood of $16,000 every month in energy costs to keep the dorms up and running. There was also a dorm-by-dorm breakdown in energy use as a factor of the fraction of the 16K going towards the dorm's upkeep. Overall, the article meant to raise concerns about how 16K is a hefty amount for VC to drop every month.

Here's what I think: 16K/month is basically nothing in energy costs. Honestly, when you think about how many people live in each dorm, a fee of 1-2K per dorm is pocket change. In my high school, for example, power costs reached a regular of $3,000 A DAY on the cold winter days (and that's just for a high school). That's not to say that we shouldn't strive to be as efficient with our energy use as possible. It's just that the figures provided don't seem that shocking.

I also don't like the whole idea of cutting down in energy use so that Vassar doesn't have to spend that much money. No offense Vassar College, but you're swimming in pools of cash and you know it. I don't really care about how much of your endowment you give up on energy. I care about efficiency. You evidently don't, keeping the lights on constantly in the most unnecessary places (like inside some of the class buildings in the middle of the night), letting the tray collector run on auto for the entire day, etc.



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P.S. We just posted some awesome M.I.A. pics that you can only view on the Facebook page!

M.I.A. Came and Went

And I didn't go and wasn't actually hoping to go. For me, however, it was just another night, enjoying a movie with friends, though my long nights lead to weary mornings. I do remember hearing the bass in my room here in Strong (hearing, not feeling, thank goodness). I heard it was a popular concert and most people I've talked to enjoyed themselves. One person helped me to realize the brand new smudges on the ACDC walls was courtesy of the sweaty people holing onto the walls (ick). But as long as those who went had fun, I guess that's the most important part. If you went or if you didn't, what were your takes on the night? I'd really like to hear more from everyone!

Luvs and hugs.
Dyamond Phillips


Well I bet this is the millionth MIA story you've heard/read thus far, but I will make mine short and sweet.

My friend and I got there an hour in advance and were behind Meryl Streep's daughter and posse, and then Luis showed up and he's hilarious. Finally we get in and DJ Million Dolla Mano is ok for about 10 minutes, then I am bored for two hours.

Then, Dear Sweet Jesus, She shows up. I get so excited I nearly die. Here's the video somewhere, that's me screaming "OH MY GOD YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL". I was at the very very front, but then was violently and alarmingly pushed around like a rag doll (one girl got her foot killed by the barricade things and had to get three stitches). Then I went to the side and am SUPER jealous of people who got on stage.

Dude, who was the girl with MIA at the beginning, with the Jamaican accent? It wasn't Rye Rye but this woman was soooo cool.

It was the most intense experience of my life. The next day I felt like I had an MIA hangover. I love her.



I was M.issing I.n A.ction

MIA was crazy.


It was my first 'real' concert, and we got there early so we were second or third from the front for most of the time. Unfortunately, it was also my first time in a mosh pit with music louder than I'd ever been exposed to, and I was really freaked out. I also had the dubious pleasure of interacting with my roommate while she was drunk, which I don't usually do. This was fun until later when I referred back to something important we'd talked about and she didn't remember it at all.

The first part with the dj was fun, though. Some not-so-violent pushing, my accidental groping of a male friend's ass on several occasions, and the ability to pretend to pass out and not fall over because I was so tightly packed in. The dj was really good. I'd have liked to have him in a Villard room dance or at least everyone more spread out in the dining hall so that I could dance for real (I love dancing and free-styling, but not that awkward shifty stuff you do when you're so crowded in).

Frightening, really.

MIA's and Rye Rye's dancing was super sexy. I want to imitate it some time. But probably not in public because Vassar people don't really dance like that. It was oh so sexy, though.

I'm off to the dc for some fascinating, varied, healthy food. Just kidding. But I really do like the dc. Just so you know.



NOW till 5:00 in UpC!

Great food (bring cash), awesome music (including the Isle of Klezbos) and a ton of info on campus life!



MGMT to Perform After All?

According to an interview with Mads:

"We hope those that attended were treated to a great show by MIA and MGMT hopes to make up the show to the Vassar College students soon."

SPRiNKLES's Take: If MGMT does a show by themselves at Vassar, that would be fantastic! To be completely honest, I was looking forward to MGMT more than M.I.A. (that's not to say M.I.A. wasn't SPECTACULAR). I feel as if them putting on a show of their own for free (or like $3 to $5) outside in the quad would be AMAZING. Anyone else agree??

The Meaning of Life

Speaking of a philosophical/existential title haha....

I was recently sitting in the library, looking out the window at the quad, when I found myself pondering why I am here. Not so much why I'm on this planet, why I exist, but rather what brought me HERE. What the meaning of my life is right now, at this moment in time.

My mental thought process wandered:

My friends, good times, laughter, maybe getting a teensy bit tipsy off all that orange juice, partying with people I love, meeting new people, starting new friendships spontaneously at least once a week, knowing that all the hard work I put into my classes WILL pay off in the end, knowing that my friends empathize with the hell I put myself through to do that work, wearing clothes that I want to wear, that I like to wear, that I look good in, knowing that no matter what weight I am my friends will still love me, going to the gym anyway to stay the weight I want to be at, kissing (among other things), pure joy, love, life.

And above all: SUMMER. The explosion. Of meaning. Of life. My existence. My purpose.

I know it sounds grand, but I often have these revelatory notions in the spring haha. The sun makes me happy and grateful to be alive. =)


I'll Pass On the Spandex

I was born in the wrong decade.

I hate the modern gym culture. The “attractive” girl of nowadays is the one with a body that can only be achieved through hours and hours of working out. I feel like I’m supposed to like working out, that it’s something I should want to do. It is not something I ever want to do. At all. But then I can never truly be “hot,” and that frustrates me to no end.

The feminist in me hates that I need to look a certain way for society to deem me attractive. But the sad, lonely little girl in me desperately wishes that I did. I wish I lived in a time where I could be hot for how I naturally look, without hours spent altering that appearance. I am healthy, so why should I have to go to a gym to change my abs say, or my butt? What’s wrong with my butt? I don’t know if any of you have experience similar frustration. It’s annoying. But I’m coming to terms with how I look more and more. Which is, if I may be so bold, not entirely terrible. Just lacking the oh-so-desired muscle tone.

Also, I might be a freak, but I really didn’t have that much fun at MIA. It might have been because I got knocked over and stepped on though….The before was much more fun.

I hope you all have an amazing rest of your weekend! I plan to!


Skinny Girls

There are some obscenely skinny girls on campus. Like it's gross. You're not attractive. Get some meat on your bones. Me and Miss Abreves made a list of what you should eat:

Pizza with extra grease
Cheezburger with extra cheese
Sandwich with extra mayo, bacon, roast beef
Ice cream but NOT fro-yo
Mac n Cheese
Deep fried oreos
Nachos supreme
Whole milk
Pork chops
Chocolate chocolate cake
Human flesh

Don't vom,

M.I.A.: The Vids

Here's a playlist of vids both Blog9 and Mads took last night! Mads was especially lucky and got right up on stage next to M.I.A. - freakin awesome! haha! As both we and Mads upload more vids, they'll be added to this playlist, so be sure to check back!

Pics should be up sometime in the near future, probably tomorrow or Monday, but Tuesday at the very latest!




Most of Blog9 was in attendance at the concert tonight! We'll have a huge amount of pics and a few vids to share with you soon, but in the meantime, feast your eyes on this!


is in my kitchen, I am in my bedroom.



Two Super(?)stars Set to Unite

They've been dating for over a year now, but already they've decided to make it official: Fall Out Boy bass guitarist Pete Wentz and starlet Ashlee Simpson are engaged.

Says Ashlee of the union: "We know there has been a lot of speculation recently about Pete and I and we wanted our fans to be the first to know, because you guys are the best. Yes, we are thrilled to share that we are happily engaged. Thank you for all of your support and well wishes - it means the world to us. We consider this to be a very private matter, and we wanted to be the first to tell you and to hear it straight from us."

SPRiNKLES's Take: I'm not quite sure how I feel about this. Fall Out Boy is arguably one of my fave bands, second only to Panic at the Disco (which, by the way, took a hit on my list because of their very different second album). I mean, if Pete and Ashlee are really in love, it would be a great marriage. However, I don't want to see any Ashlee cameos on my FOB albums. That said, maybe it's not meant to last, remember, Pete was the one who said just last November: "I would never come out and say I'm gay, because I'm not gay. There's part of me that kind of wishes I was gay, and I think that comes from anybody constantly wishing they were in the minority and constantly wants to be fighting everybody off."